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More like Booze 'n' Boardgames. :aware:


What is that recipie called? :o

The recipe is called Orehnjača (variously spelled as orahnjaca, oresgnazza, goodness knows what else). The "original" recipe takes a bloody long time, but it's totally worth it :D


One recipe (it varies from place to place, and even then from family to family) can be found here: http://www.mercurynews.com/ci_20140083/recipe-orehnjaca-bread


mine, for instance, has cocoa powder to enhance the colour of the filling. I've made the mistake of making the dough too thin, so it broke in some parts. Oh well, it was still good (my aunt protested that it's not an Easter pastry [it's traditionally a Christmas pastry], but I told her Jesus said 'hey, a resurrection is a tiny bit more important than a birthday, ain't it right, mon?')

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I thought that was beef at first.


I'm still content.


Still not convinced it isn't.

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