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Updated my RS Players Wiki article

Twist of Fate


Don't lie and say you didn't make your own


I remember making this about 5 or 6 years ago, not because I think I'm a famous player, but because I enjoyed cataloguing a brief description of my Runescape career in one place. My memory is a bit fuzzy right now, but as I long on from time to time I can remember my last 11 years with this game, and 9 years with you all.


Every time I log on, I see all of the same people still playing, and it's an enjoyable experience. Many of the old people are gone, but it's crazy we watched each other grow up through this game. We spent years together, and for many, this game is not for them anymore. Some of us may have lost an RS friend in real life, like I have last year (gave him a shoutout in the article).


Anyway, despite my inactivity, I do not plan on letting this game go forever right now. It's been a busy year so far. I hope you are all doing well and succeeding in the paths you've planned for yourselves.


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Ditto, but happy about it.

I like having a negligible digital trace.

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That moment you realize all your favorite RS memories are from over ten years ago.

Hey we had some great times closer to 5 years ago too!

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