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Still around I see



The comparison in activity from when I joined in 2006 to now is mind boggling. I can't believe it's been ten years. I was looking at my profile seeing what I included and started to realize... it's already been five years since I had relocated nearly exclusively to the minecraft thread! Scrolling down the main page looking at the last activity timestamps gives me a real Rip Van Winkle moment, it's so foreign to me still I just can't help but sigh every time. And then there's Guitarguy still chugging away with his status updates lol. There once was a time where I had to put thought into what time I wanted to publish a blog entry in order to not be quickly pushed onto the second page of blogs. Nowadays, that coveted page contains nearly an entire year's worth of blogging...


I don't know if I've ever said it proper, but thank you. To all of you I've spoken to on here, pleasantly or not, for what you've given me. A lot of who I am as a person was developed here. From the clan forums to the debate room and the forming of the clan chat moderating team to the minecraft server members, you've all given me fond memories and friends that I won't soon forget.


Obligatory latest knife picture

I've got three more on the way but with increasingly more difficult styles so we'll see how it goes.


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Knife making and forging is something I've been yearning to get in to, but I just haven't had the time. That being said, the latest looks great!

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I don't spend too much time on this hobby of mine but about once a year I get bit by the bug and I try something a little different. When I'm in the mood for it I usually spent a few hours after work for a week in the garage and that's typically enough and then some depending on the knife. Some I've made only took 8 hours altogether and nowadays it'd probably take much less for me to do. It really depends on what you're going for.


If you're interested here's the breakdown I kept of how long each step took me, asterisks are things that were extra:



1) Draw, cut, grind blanks: 30 min

2) Drill pinholes: 3 min

*3) Spine filework: 45 min

*4) Jimping: 12 min

5) Grind bevel: 25 min

*7) Cut casings: 40 min

8) 400 grit: 15 min

9) Heat treat: 45 min

10) Final grits: 60 min

*11) Gun blue/cleanup: 30 min

12) Handle slab cutout/pins: 20 min

13) Handle shaping: 150 min

14) Epoxy handle slabs: 15 min

*15) Handle pin decor: 30 min

16) Handle polish: 60 min

18) Sharpening: 60 min

19) Sheath: 80 min


And if anyone's interested in materials costs:

Micarta: $15, $2.5 sq/in

Belts: $10

Steel: $5

Tek Lok: $12



All in all, I think it's a great hobby that you can sink as much or as little time into as you'd like. Let me know if you have any questions

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