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Nostalgia and Resolution



Hi everyone. Lately I've visited this forum a couple times to experience the rush of nostalgia as this board occupied a lot of my time for several years of my life. Sal's has always been important to me, and I really miss the community here. I know many others can relate to what I'm saying, and I hope that we all find a way to keep in our memories the best that the forum had to offer. I'm stopping in to say hello, and I hope everyone is doing well.


...and for those of you who used to peruse the Story Mat...





...particularly the Runescape Stories section...








The work is a complete novel (exclusively published here, of course ;) ). I'm hoping that those of you who were interested in the story will find a chance to read the remaining four chapters, maybe post what you think. But no pressure :) .



Like I said before, I hope everyone is doing well and has a great life really. It's a journey, and I hope we all encounter the experiences that make that journey worthwhile.


~ Finway


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