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I stumbled upon this...



I was googling myself today (not using my name, just nitua56), and I found this thing. I'll quote it here for convenience, or something.


I guess 14-year-old me thought it was funny.


The Story of Nitua56

By: Big Tree

It was a cold winter morning, Big Tree was in his classroom with a few of his friends, trying to figure out Runescape usernames. Big Tree thought, and he thought, till his thinkers was broke.


It was recess and Big Tree still hadn't come up with a name for his Runescape account. His friends mocked him saying "Hey everyone, Big Tree can't even find a name for his account!!! Fail!!"

After finishing math class, Big Tree thought on the way to his locker about usernames. He took out a notebook and jotted down "Nitsua."

It was the end of the day and Big Tree decided that his username would be Nitsua56. So, he got on the bus, and on the way home he was pondering what he would do when he first logged on. He hoped that it wouldn't be some sort of "you design your character" deals. The bus slowed to a stop and the two-hatched doors opened. Big Tree carefully watched his steps on the way down, as he hd fallen that morning. After his left foot touched gravel, he sprinted down his driveway and into his house. Big Tree took off his shoes, placing them under a desk near the door, and quickly hopped on the com[uter chair. Pressing the small blue button on his computer screen, Big Tree impatiently waited for the computer to 'boot'. He then connected to the internet, and soon found himself on the Runescape homepage. He clicked "Register an account" and typed in "Nitua56", forgetfully adding the 's'. After coming up with probably the worst password you could have ever imagined, he logged in to Runescape.

'Loading - Please Wait'

'Loading - Please Wait...'

'Still loading - Please Wait.....'

Finally, after numerous sconds, Nitua56 was born, and soon disgusted at the "design it yourself character" screens that he had hoped to not get on the bus.....

Many friends, mistakes, keyboard replacements, and breaks later.... Nitua56 quit Runsecape.


The End. OR is it??~!!


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