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Sals Clan leadership



The clan has really taken a hit in the past 3 months, particularly with the citadel. As I only play a few hours a month I am not really active enough to lead the clan anymore, especially now. So I thought I'd give you all a heads up that we're looking to replace me with someone. I won't leave the clan but I won't be a deputy owner, probably just a normal member or something that only requires 1-2 hours a month :P.


I am also considering slowly stopping RS3. They are discontinuing Java soon and I don't think I'll play NXT, so I will probably lower my play time gradually (even though it can't be lowered too much atm) and switch to Runescape Classic instead. I think I'll play next weekend for BXP and maybe do a few more new quests but beyond that idk.


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Don't worry, I'll take over. Under my leadership, we will have a monthly fundraiser in which we pick cabbages and sell them on the Lumby bridge.

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