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my watermelons!



So I got back into farming and decided to plant watermelons, well none of them so far survived after I logged off last night. I couldn't wait as I was falling asleep anyway. Puppy goes in next Tuesday to be neutered and have his nose fixed. He is getting better slightly but he is still congested no matter what we do. His nose also goes shut when he breathes in most of the time. That can't be good, we shall see how things go and if it doesn't improve then he will just be that way and we will take care of him.


The other pug is just fine, but she doesn't have such a closed bloodline, she will also be year this month so that might have something to do about it. She snores and snorts but doesn't sound like she has a cold.


I've started school which I'm happy about, doing something I want for a change that's long term anyway. I can do what I want regardless.


I have 30 invention now but I'm still not quite sure what to do but things keep going. I'll probably take a break and just farm or something. I want to plant the magic seeds I got.

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