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Seattle Hangs

Twist of Fate


Hey all, I'm back from PNW adventures in Portland and Seattle. My buddy lives out there so I thought I'd visit and see if I ever wanted to move out there as well.


I'm sure natives would have a different perspective on the city, but I really enjoyed it. It's not like here in New York where the atmosphere is basically toxic and there's trash piling up in the streets. It's literally a concrete jungle. Seattle's pretty urban, but there are more suburban areas. It's quiet, save for some sea planes landing in Lake Union across the street. You could walk to the University of Washington and get a great view of Mount Rainier on a less cloudy day.


I've found there's no point in going up the Space Needle because, well, you can't see the Space Needle from the Space Needle so what else is there? The public transit system isn't perfect, but it got me where I needed to go quick and easy. There is a lot to think about if I were to make this move, but I left the city with a positive opinion.


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