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Making money via headless arrows

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As a total noob, straight off the Taverly dock from Ashdale, you can start making money right away. 

Get your butt to the GE ASAP and chop the 16 trees located in it. Do this twice to fill your invo. Sell the logs and buy feathers. Continue cutting trees.

Now fletch those logs into arrow shaft. 15 shafts per log. Attach the feathers.

As of the date of this post, headless arrows are selling for 64 gp each.

Your only cost is the feathers, which are cheap.

15,625 headless arrows can be sold for over a million in the GE. That can be done in a day. Not to mention the woodcutting and fletching XP you will be receiving.

Have fun!

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Out of sheer curiousity:


What is the difference in money gain per hour if you buy logs or shafts, compared to chopping them?

You earn less profit by buying logs/shafts and buying feathers, but you do save time, allowing you to produce more within a time frame. Let us say you run a 5 hour experiment where you will end up selling headless arrows for 64 gold pieces per arrow. Which of these 3 would be more profitable over the course of 5 hours?

  • Buying shafts and feathers, attaching them together, then selling
  • Buying logs, fletching them into shafts, then attaching with feathers, then selling.
  • Cut logs, fletch them into shafts, then attaching with feathers, then selling.


The third option is naturally the most profit per arrow, but I would be willing to bet that you produce a hell of a lot less arrows within 5 hours of work, due to the time spent cutting trees and then fletching them into shafts. On the other hand, buying the shafts and attaching with feathers probably yield the largest quantity of headless arrows produced, but has also the higher cost and thus lowest profit margin.

Thus my question remains... which of these 3 are the most profitable per hour? :tongue:


You have a valid point.

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Buying the raw material and fletching headless arrows (assuming there is a profit in doing that).

I want both xp and $$$ so i cut the logs, fletch the shafts, buy the feathers and make a profit. And decent XP.

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