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My Runescape Story



I was introduced to Runescape around 2007 and played (as a paid member) to help relieve the boredom of looking after my late mother, and as 'Chief Sefton', I fought my way up to a fairly high level.

By about 2010 I was Here molyfar.PNG.31c55ee42df047b71414554f41d2505e.PNG

Then somehow, I am not sure what happened, I lost the lot. There was some confusion during the RS3 change over I think but I am not sure. Needless to say, I was not happy about it.

I rejoined last month, again as a paid member, and gradually fighting my way back. as Sir Molyfar.

As of 06/02/18, I was here. 5a7c76fdde719_Stats6-2-18.JPG.6900fabbf58a98ca7bb827d01702d107.JPG

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Good work! The same thing happened to me. I had a high level hero that took me years to build. When the RS3 change came, it would not recognise my password, and so i had to abandon it. I tried contacting jagex, but still no help. So I created Doraku. I was foolish enough to put the authenticator on it. It was supposed to send me a code in my e-mail, but i never got it. Doraku is still in the archives, just not accessable. Now I am Danbridge. So much money, so many hours, all wasted......

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