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haha oops I did that thing where I visit here once a year



Is this place still breathing?  I'm hardcore procrastinating on studying for my numerical methods exam and I remembered y'all.  Kinda nuts thinking I joined this forum when I was like, 12, and now I'm a sophomore in college.  All you really need to know about me currently is that I'm a pretty typical partying college kid and mechanical engineering violates me on the daily but I manage.  OH and I played a month of old school runescape recently, that was hella lit.

also where my south carolina bros at?  Go Tigers??


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On 26.3.2018 at 12:50 AM, Kemosabe said:

I still check in here every so often as well. Not that I ever post anything lol

  • Yeah, there are quite a few of us like that. I guess, in a sense, it is that mixed sense of security and good memories that makes it hard to truly let go. Besides... it hardly takes much of an effort, and surprisingly enough, occasionally there are times when it is worth just dropping a post or doing a quick browse. :tongue:
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