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This may be the last post I ever make here



It's not like I'm disappearing off the face of the earth (although I will be soon), there's just a myriad of contributors.

I still check these forums nearly every day and I'm not sure why. It's a shame the community here has disappeared, but I guess we all move on at some point. I was just 11 years old when I first joined these forums in 2007 - I've spent more than half my life as a member of this community and in a way you could almost see me grow up just going through my post history, as cringe as it is. So I guess here is my first reason - there is nothing drawing me here anymore. All of my old friends from the "good old days" have disappeared. There is no new content or any sort of thriving community to be a part of. It sucks to say but it's the truth, unfortunately. I'll still check on a rare occasion but I won't participate and soon I won't be able to even if I wanted.

Second reason would be that I've finally maxed on RuneScape. I've played this game for about 13 years (12.5 on the same account) and everything that was drawing me to continue playing has now been completed. I'm not interested in any mindless grind or completing all the quests - I'm satisfied knowing I got 99 in all my skills. Finally. 

Thirdly,  I'm joining the New Zealand army in January as an officer. I won't be able to play any games or check any websites for the next year. This is the primary reason, because I'd probably still bum around if I wasn't busy doing anything else.


If any of you guys wanna stay in touch, flick me a PM and if I feel like I know you well enough we can exchange social media/whatever. Otherwise, au revoir!



P.S. screenshots weeow




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One day when you feel like checking back in the only people that will be here are robots. They are kind I do imagine and will take you in as one of their own and treat you with respect and dignity. 

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Life may die, but your memories shall endure to you draw your last breath.

Congratulations on maxing out your stats, and move boldly forward with your life,  knowing you were a worthy peer amongst peers . :ice: 

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Good luck for the future, old friend! Also happy to see you changed your RS name back, however long ago you did that. I'll be adventuring NZ one day and hopefully you'll be there too!

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Kemo! I saw your last blog post, you quit; I dunno if you'll ever see this message but if so shoot me a friends-request if you wanna or feel bored some day.

Side note, I think it'd be super fun to download and do text analysis over all of Sal's some day, but I dunno how this new-fangled forum stuff works. At all.


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