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Salmoneus?! SALMONEUS!!!

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I wrote up some code for a post (further explanation there) and thought it was too interesting to not use for a Sal's-based post. Querying the word "Salmoneus" against my code resulted in the above image, where the green items are "closer" in meaning/presence to Salmoneus, while the blue are furthest; although I think it's interesting to consider the central axis more of a mirror than anything. The items in the middle are closest to 90 degrees with Salmoneus - interestingly enough words like "sensibility" and "micromollusk" :aware:

I want to know if "hotness" is in fact close to Salmoneus, where are our old members like Vera (oh wait that was Co-Z) or Miss Death (oh wait she might be dead) or KITTENBLOB


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I shall summon his majesty Salmoneus with the following incantation:


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Huh... you seem really familiar...

Maybe I knew you in a past life?

I once knew of a legend that used to frequent this forum every day.. I think his username started with an H

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