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august 14th 2019

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im gona mill burray ur mom


ik spreek een beetje nederlands 

mijn nederlands is niet goed

fudge u


this has become a life update thing. It's weird reading back on them and being like oh yea that happened random.

and in a previous blog said i was 'banging a total hottie'...

who is now my girlfriend and i remember my head space at the time and why i would say something like that (i was semi just taking the P one fifty five, but still) and looking back that's messed up and I would never even have those thoughts cross my mind about her now. Not that I've matured (i wish), just the way I perceived her was way off base with who she was, and that's crazy. 

random how sheets change

and random how much I'm changing my sheets for this girl (apparently they sposed to be changed like more than 1nce a year)


hhaha I'll look back at that sentence^ and either laugh or cry, depending how this relationship goes. It's not on the rocks, but due to things said above (my perception of her, and even her perception of me), it means our relationship is built on a rough start.  We don't have that tale of falling in love. Not that it should be all hollywood, but it's just not a nice story if someone asks how we met.


Thoughts? Every time someone would ask "How did you guys meet?" it would be this awkward, bringing back a lot of bad memories experience for both of us. 
Is this doomed?
Is this good? Can we outlast anything if we got past this? 




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Changing your sheets is very unnatural and does not comport with my Paleo-lifestyle.

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17 hours ago, im gona mill burray ur mom said:

i do now! but i floss every night (like the dance move)

i hope you yell DAB and YEET while doing it

while changing your sheets obviously it would be hard to yell while flossing

15 hours ago, Sobend said:

Changing your sheets is very unnatural and does not comport with my Paleo-lifestyle.

Pescetarians don't even believe in beds, I hear

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