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anyone have any knowledge of old jeeps

bros before hoes


my wife told me I can buy an old cj5 or cj7 so I'm looking into them right now but I don't know anything about how cars work I just want to look cool

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hey i went looking for old jeeps last year! YJ jeeps have sqwuare headlights instead of round so thats random!

Cj5 and cj7 just like any other jeep/car look out for rust because theyre also super old and obviously if its like a more moist area near the beach or something then rust is more prone. if it's somewhere like arizona then rust is like non existant because sio dry.

i wanted a jeep too because it looks cool to have no doors and put ur life at risk!


im pretty sure the cj5 is smaller, also engiens are super old and a lot of people swap them to chevy engines. here in aus they're both super expensive and i guess the older the rarer and more rare that they're in good condition. cj7 being somewhat newer will be less rare and less pricey. id say the cj7 being newer model also has upgrades in terms of functionality and stuff............................................ 


also i dont know anythin

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