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The ADHD is Real...

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Well, to anyone reading this, welcome welcome!
I've been a long time Runescape player and have, for better or worse, stuck with RS3/ since its release.
I go in spurts. I get distracted by life, and hyper focus on things. Inevitably I take a turn right back to Runescape.
Something about its nostalgia + its ADHD Capable gaming system keeps me coming back to waste my time (I mean, I believe all video games are in many ways a waste of time, doesn't keep me from playing them a helluva lot).
I got back into it once the significant other got kicked outa the picture, and strangely have been doing much better ><.
I used to have no level 99 skills and now I have 5... Ive always just spread out my time on all skills because I get too bored grinding one. But for some reason I was finally able to grind out a few lol. 
I finished Plagues End and Birthright of Dwarves.. got Imcando Mattock and Pickaxe (working towards Earth and Song since mining is already 99). 
Honestly most of what was made easier was because Priff opened up to me... made things so much easier to grind on certain skills.
Finally have money, to where 6-7mil isnt "a lot of gold" to me anymore lol. (Managed Luck of the Dwarves, Grace of the Elves, and a few other middle-highend items)
I remember the days when just getting a regular ole Rune Platebody was worth more than most of my bank... Just glad I can finally be on the upper-ish end of capability lol.
Total Level 2468
99: Mining, Smithing, Fishing, Cooking, Divination.
So, just kinda an update. Ive been at home mostly, taking online classes and jobless (i hate that last part honestly) so all I Have to do is randomly grind on Runescape lololoololooool
Wave2:glow2: Selling Rune Ess 20 Each (psych)

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Dang nice to see you here.  I saw you on world 2 priffdinas but I didn't say anything because I didn't think you'd remember me.

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