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It's time

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The site is outdated and doesn't receive new content anymore. It can't compete with the Wikis.


Let's revert the site redesign and bring back the old Sal's Realm!

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This has been a concept for awhile, and Fatalysm definitely did some great work with it. Salmoneus is inactive though, and Fatalysm estimated it would take months of time to complete.


Could not agree more though!

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I mean, I do not disagree, but I assume it is just too late at this point to turn anything around. :sad: 

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I'm down to make it happen, but it would take a lot of effort for minimal gain other than nostalgia.

But I'm here for it. :hug:

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The more I look at it the more I know needs doing but if you want to see what I've been working on for the last couple of days. I've largely completed back to the freezer and east ardougne as examples of what content might look like.


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