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Inside the Episode - DSZ #42



I thought I'd ruin jokes / references by going through all of DSZ 42 and calling out everything that I crammed in there. Keep track of how many you got right to see how much of a true Salmon you are!!


Formatted like this: page # and panel #. So 4.8 means page 4 panel 8!!


#1 - 1.3 -  my name


hitting you with some deep lore right off the bat with my therapist referring to me by my actual forum name


#2 - 1.4 - Goliath in painting


this is goliath he first appeared in DSZ #4 and is the best person to ever join Sals


#3 - 2.3 - therapist notes


here you can see i was obsessed with my warning level and post count on sal because they were publicly displayed and status was very important!!


#4 - 2.11 - getting old and dying quarterly


im reading getting old and dying quarterly while drinking some old person drink like early grey tea or mud with leaves in it


#5 - 3.2 - hat sale


free hat is a reference to when morte was in DSZ for two panels and the hats are the same colors as all the pips that mattered on sals. a few panels later i pick the dm one because i cam constantly haunted by losing my dm rank!!


#6 - 5.1 - tinypic


all of the original dsz pics were lost because tinypic stopped existing. this stupid frown face man haunts the forum and is a metaphor for our crumbling society!!


#7 - wayback machine


back when i got access back to my sals account in Feb, fatalysm and i went on a mission to try to recover as much of dsz as we could. he was able to use the wayback machine to get some episodes, but not all of them. then we found a post by dad where he dumped literally everything and luckily used a different hosting site which is the only reason why the episodes weren't lost forever


#8 - 10.9 - omgoodness


man and dwar (and the rest of the nefarious gillis crew by extension) would say this a lot on irc for some reason. idk i miss them


#9 - 12.2 - yare yare daze


goliath should have been the hero of this story im such a dummy


#10 - 15.7 - bowls 4 sale


in real life beret makes and sells luxury hookah bowls which you can buy in real life use my code at checkout to get 20% off your first order they look better than my drawing


#11 - 15.8 - sals is broken


zooey almost dies here because members were / are getting randomly banned on sals because of the crumbling forum infrastructure. this is barely a joke many people were ip banned for no reason


#12 - 16.8 - sals discord


theres a sals discord you can join!!


#13 - 18.2 - covid


lots of sals members started playing runescape again because of the novel coronavirus that sparked a global pandemic in march 2020 and has been ruining our lives ever since but at least i got level 88 in woodcutting


#14 - 18.8 - Gnostic Christian Bishop


debate rages to this day over whether or not GCB was a random insane person or a distressingly dedicated troll account. he exists on dozens of other forums with hundreds of posts and they're all the same format. he is the strangest member ive ever seen on sals


#15 - 20.1 - the throne of the banned


most of the major characters who died in dsz are here

1. doddsy

2. fini

3. xrvn

4. mr e

5. sryen

5 again (oops). fshi

6. whitey

7. vera

8. macki

9. gillis

10. jack nicholson

11. elli

12. redmonke

13. anthem ko



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On 7/28/2022 at 12:16 AM, mikeyy said:

can you elaborate 



Here I am making light of the entire concept of this blog post by highlighting obvious things that couldn't be considered references or jokes. It doesn't seem to be a very healthy way to approach something I made and is inherently a defensive posture



this is some self deprecating humor to make me seem approachable and definitely not self obsessed




these get into the deep sadness I felt when I saw all of DSZ was gone and then the joyous redemption of being able to restore them



DSZ is still an anime parody you know



these are sals forum / discord references that like 12 people in the world would understand



some good old fashioned references to whats happening on the forum


i hope that helped you understand!!

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