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Twist of Fate


Hi everyone! 

Been getting back into RS lately. I may even decide to start over with a new account. 

Anyways, I've been feeling real nostalgic from the good ol' days with ya'll, as I'm turning 30 in a couple months. Strange to look back at all the history and memories we made here through our computer screens. It's safe to say RS was more than a game for us. I mean, we're here on a help site, formed a clan, had events, celebrated achievements together, kept each other entertained for hours and days and years! 

I was always fortunate to have a good amount of IRL friends, but you all were as much a part of my life as them as well. We basically grew up together from all corners of the globe and I appreciate looking back at all the good times. 

Also it didn't take a psychologist to figure this one out, but yes I am on the autism spectrum and that explains why I was the way I was on here and in chat lol. I didn't even know until last year, I thought I was just a little weird. It's kinda been a journey through self-acceptance after going nearly 30 years not knowing why you are the way you are, but it's also validating. I know there are so many people just like me in the world, some of you too even. 

At the end of the day, it's just traits. Whether we have autism or not, there's always going to be people who like us or dislike us for our traits. Some of you really disliked me and I sure af don't blame you lmao. I didn't like myself either. I always knew something was wrong but I didn't know what. Like, "why am I like this? why can't I simply not be who am?". But it doesn't work that way, of course. I'm just glad I matured into someone I like. 

I have spent years playing in a band, getting on a buncha cool shows. I've visited 46/50 states, got my master's degree in sustainability, became a university professor, and more. After spending so many years in my youth not thinking I'd amount to anything, not understanding my disability or knowing I had one, I'm pretty happy about where I am in life. 

I'd like to hear what ya'll have been up to as well, so please do comment with a life update! We've come a long way since I joined this site 15 years ago. 

I feel like nobody truly quits RS forever lol. I saw how many people are still playing and those who are coming back, so I guess it was never goodbye, just brb.

Take care, and see you around. 

-Taker (Twist of Fate) (Anthony) (Tony) (T-bone) 

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On 12/12/2022 at 5:28 PM, Sobend said:

What rs version do you play?

RS3! I honestly never got into OSRS but I'm not opposed to trying it if I got time. 

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