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Ello :)

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Hi guys I'm Anubislr and I just made this blog, I'm gonna post my RS life here. I'm 13 years old and live in Sofia, Bulgaria. I've been playing RS for 2 years. Some friend from JJ2, don't remember who, told me to register but I didn't have Java and couldn't play. A month later my brother found a .ru RuneScape site and I told him about the real site and he registered and taught me how to play. He quit at lvl 87 a year later. Now I'm lvl 103, 1594 total, I got green mask and I owe my friend 2mil, I'm saving for santa (mask and 1.5m) and whip. I have to be f2p for a few days so I'm playing on my pure Eat My Scim. It's 42 combat with 42 attack, 50 strength, 48 mage and 48 range. A bad pure compared to the 42s with 60 ranged so I'm trying to fix my mistakes and make it good. Here's a picture from a few days ago:


You see from my pure, and my main's total that I love skilling ^_^ I was combat 90 a year ago and I'm only 103 now. I love looking at the lower total levels of lvl 110s haha.

I'm also a leader of my own clan. It's still new and growing and I'm sure some of you might want to join ;) The name is Chosen Ones, leaders Anubislr and Sir Hasif, co-leader 313smaus313 (he's done less work some normal members :P ) and recruitment manager Sapuncheto. Requirements to join are 85+ combat or 80+ mage, range or strength. We're gonna war Bulgaria next week :blink:HERE's our forum where you have to post an application if you want to join. And HERE's our members list.

That's all for now folks, love you all :P

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