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  2. I don’t see the point you are trying make/debate. If your hypothesis is true and the repeal of Roe v. Wade and the subsequent case law on abortion will result in more “non-whites” born, why does this matter in the context of your original question? The only people who are concerned about the “non-white” population increasing are likely white supremacists whose opinions should not be valued.
  3. The dwindling power is demographically inevitable, as whites are not reproducing enough. Given that more non-whites will be saved by a change in the law than whites, the demographic gains for the non-whites is obvious. We have just seen a black U. S. president. A white one will be harder to elect in the future as the color of the population darkens. This is good for the U.S. as they will have to elect on excellence instead of color. Regards DL
  4. I am proudly white, but enjoy, --- and do not denigrate, --- any of the other colors. What color are you and do you favor it over others? If you favor one other than your own, you might think of the word, fellowship and loyalty to your own. See anything wrong with my racism? Regards DL
  5. Is the historical over representation of non-whites in prisons and abortion clinics not reducing the numbers of non-white children in the free populations? Yes it does. So point out the stupid part or be seen as the stupid one who cannot argue his point. Regards DL
  6. That would be nice if it also applied to developed nations like the U.S. It likely does not and never will because abortion rates fall when third world women are given birth control, food and education. In abortion, I do not think the numbers are what should drive our moral thinking. Freedom, and more importantly, liberty for ourselves, is what is important. Free is something a person can never be. Regards DL
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  8. Socioeconomic demographics? Reversing the abortion laws means broadly that states can create their own measures. Given that states are different, you may find it puts people under more strain. Now, we are looking at people potentially having to travel and take time away from work. On the other end, we might see states try to make it illegal to get abortions outside their state residence. This does not make anything better. There are many, many, many reasons for that—wealth, location, access to quality contraceptives, and access to health care to name a few. From what I can see, abortion rates have been decreasing, and the number of children women have has decreased across the board. Reversing the statistics is impossible; the best we could hope for is greater accessibility like I mentioned previously, with quality contraceptives, access to healthcare, and a wider wealth spread. I think the number could get closer, but it would take much work outside abortion clinics to get better results for ALL women. We cannot say for sure, but from my perspective, more wealth and better access to help decreases the need for an abortion. Closing the race wealth disparity will improve lives. Yeah, white people actually let black people on buses now with no segregation. How generous! What the hell are you talking about? Are you a white supremacist? Can you clarify this? Are you implying that you think the abortion laws are helping to dwindle the white population of the US and let the racial minorities take over? This is all happening because white people historically decided to enslave, segregate, and kill people? Is that what you think? I don't think the evidence suggests that at all. The masking of racism is one thing, but the ideas you propose aren't supported in any of the data I've seen. Your words suggest to me that you think the reversed abortion laws might cause white people a problem, a problem you haven't divulged, likely because there isn't one. To your last point, minus the race-baiting, I personally believe politicians shouldn't be involved in health care.
  9. Oh boy. What a question. Lets sift through this hot garbage and see if there's a kernel worth considering: There's a demographic war being waged between "white" and "non-whites" that individual Americans should be invested in. This is idiotic on its face and transparently racist / problematic / I-can't-believe-I-need-to-point-out-how-stupid-this-is Abortions will be effectively curbed when it's made illegal. As Guitarguy pointed out, this isn't necessarily the case. Making abortion illegal won't exacerbate this disparity further by pushing lower income Americans into risky abortions vs rich americans traveling out of state. Making abortion illegal in certain states just makes it more difficult for those without the means to travel, pay for more expensive procedures, take time off from work, etc. " White is demographically shooting itself in the foot." - what the fudge are you even saying here "Should the non-white Americans be on the right wing side on this, just for the benefits of fast tracking their control?" - This is gross I have no idea why you journey from forum to forum spreading this garbage, but it's gross. You're gross.
  10. Misato_Katsuragi

    Your favorite books

    Neuromancer by William Gibson
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    Music Recommendations Thread

    Guys, if you like German songs then you should listen to AnnenMayKantereit They are awesome
  12. Misato_Katsuragi


    I usually not only invest money in crypto, but also try to look at nft and other blockchain projects. recently I came across an interesting thing. As I started to get interested in decentralized finance, I found out about SingularityDAO and their dynasets system, which make for great multitarget investments. In any case, you should practice this to get the right experience. However, this app can do everything for you in an automated way. This is a big plus for beginners and professionals alike.
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    Happy happy Independence Day!!!!!
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  15. It should be noted that "reversing abortion laws" doesn't necessarily correspond to fewer abortions. If anything, the opposite may be the case.
  16. Does reversing abortion laws give all non-white Americans a better socio-economic demographic position? Statistically, more non-whites are aborted than whites. Reverse this trend and the shrinking white demographic dominance goes into overdrive. White is demographically shooting itself in the foot. White power, at this point in time, is being quite generous to non-whites. One might see it all as a huge white restitution and reparations to all those non-whites we white predators stressed. Are white Americans who are on the right, aware of what they are giving up, demographically speaking? Should the non-white Americans be on the right wing side on this, just for the benefits of fast tracking their control? Regards DL
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    The last person to post here wins

    Such lack of manners, tsk tsk tsk.
  19. bros before hoes


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    Well I could’ve if u asked sooner I lost it all already
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    Dragon Sal Z

    Haha same
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    can i be extinguished member?

    24 replies… all I’m gonna say is yet another certified banger thread by lonely
  23. as you should PROGRESS UPDATE: 11 pages done
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    can i be extinguished member?

    Well, if I shared them, I would not be rich, would I?
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    can i be extinguished member?

    also buried underneath all of the foolproof get rich quick schemes you keep to yourself
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    i actually had a look through the relationship advice forum, and I can safely say that no one is missing out on being unable to see that forum. Heck, even the Trash Can we have to move threads out of public has way more comedy gold (buried beneath a mountain of spam and RWT) than that place.
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    Posting in Announcements Forum

    Something something, make loose reference to "trimming the fat", something something, make <Insert Place> GREAT again!
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    I'm putting forward a suggestion that we create the dating advice forum and move all the archived posts in there, even if we can't post in it, the people need it. Also...Half the work done for you... Just saying.
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