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  2. Egghebrecht

    This may be the last post I ever make here

    good luck in the kiwi army!
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  5. It's not like I'm disappearing off the face of the earth (although I will be soon), there's just a myriad of contributors. I still check these forums nearly every day and I'm not sure why. It's a shame the community here has disappeared, but I guess we all move on at some point. I was just 11 years old when I first joined these forums in 2007 - I've spent more than half my life as a member of this community and in a way you could almost see me grow up just going through my post history, as cringe as it is. So I guess here is my first reason - there is nothing drawing me here anymore. All of my old friends from the "good old days" have disappeared. There is no new content or any sort of thriving community to be a part of. It sucks to say but it's the truth, unfortunately. I'll still check on a rare occasion but I won't participate and soon I won't be able to even if I wanted. Second reason would be that I've finally maxed on RuneScape. I've played this game for about 13 years (12.5 on the same account) and everything that was drawing me to continue playing has now been completed. I'm not interested in any mindless grind or completing all the quests - I'm satisfied knowing I got 99 in all my skills. Finally. Thirdly, I'm joining the New Zealand army in January as an officer. I won't be able to play any games or check any websites for the next year. This is the primary reason, because I'd probably still bum around if I wasn't busy doing anything else. If any of you guys wanna stay in touch, flick me a PM and if I feel like I know you well enough we can exchange social media/whatever. Otherwise, au revoir! P.S. screenshots weeow
  6. Fabis

    I miss you all

    sup dudes
  7. Good evening, don't forget to change your avatars to include the big ol' Santa Hat!

  8. Well, my main got banned in 2013 because someone got a hold of it and botted farming (I think it was farming), and my other account that I had maxed was hacked (I assume by the same dude), and Jagex support shut down any attempts of me getting it back so I quit in 2014 for real for real even though I tried to get back into clanning at that time. Since then, I got my bachelor's degree in psych and I'm currently finishing up a masters in computer science. On the gaming side of things, I still play your everyday stuff like Halo, Fortnite, and CoD but at a more recreational level than as seriously as I took runescape back then
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  10. Chaoss


    Not gonna lie, I like the emotes so much I saved all of them a few years back so I could use them in other chats. Especially rock band.
  11. Fabio

    Chelsea Thumped By Tottenham

    Tottenham thumped by Arsenal
  12. Egghebrecht

    The last person to post here wins

    accurate depiction of Thatcher you got there
  13. die hard

    1 Billion Cooking Exp btw

    Gratz on getting your 1B Cooking xp! Way further than I would ever go with that skill for sure lol!
  14. Young Leo

    The last person to post here wins

    Hey man
  15. Guitarguy

    popular opinion

    come @ me bro
  16. i randomly rmbrd this forum so i logged in. wow the nostalgia im feeling rn is crazy


  18. Jacky

    I miss you all

    http://salsrealm.wikia.com/wiki/Jacky Youngest back then - Been too long! :D
  19. Nitua


    Just tried to scroll that page, like a smart person.
  20. Egghebrecht

    The last person to post here wins

    yes and it ain't you
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