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  2. We have enough people back to do it!!!
  3. Had to create a new account to post, but wow the nostalgia, shame I died such a traumatic death, maybe the beacon of discord will be able to bring the dead back. Well done Adam? feels like I'm back in 2011, just as long as noone tries to bring back Sals TMZ
  4. Yesterday
  5. Yuanrang


    Depending on your weapon, Bloodhound Step will be great for mobility and dashing in and out of combat then. Depending on your progress in the game, it can definitely be a bit annoying to get that particular Ash of War, but it is a fantastic high-speed dash. Things to perhaps consider is that the faster weapons tends to be daggers, fist weapons and claws. Katanas are not really slow, but they are slower than say Curved Swords and Thrusting Swords. If you want ultimate speed, go with dual daggers. If you want a blend of speed with some power, Katanas will do the trick. Another thing to keep in mind is that jump attacks as a whole in Elden Ring are pretty useful, so if you can connect a jump attack, it might cause a stagger so you can chain more hits, or you can Bloodhound Step/dodge out of reach if they are not as affected. In general, you want to build status effects and/or break down their poise for the massive criticals with that playstyle, which is fun, but it will require you to have some good timing. The speed for these weapon types is one of the reasons why quite a few of them have extra status build-up. 7 out of 8 katanas in-game build up status effects innately, 6 of which are blood and 1 being poison. Quite a number of daggers and claws have status builds too, as well as some fists.
  6. Last week
  7. Lonelywolf

    blocast episode 10

    god damn it yourlisten.com has gone down. blogcast forever lost
  8. Lonelywolf

    can i be extinguished member?

    haahh lol i never saw this until now. good work banjo butler
  9. Lonelywolf


    speed. i am speed. just for something different of course. ill check out builds and stuff on youtubes
  10. Please host this somewhere safer, thank you, hugs and kisses
  11. Zooey

    Sal's Discord and other chats

    fishee joined the discord we are saved guys
  12. Zooey

    Worst Laws You've Broken?

    Please could we finally get this adam menace banned? He is threatening the sanctity of marriage bumping like this. The worst law I've ever broken is going off-topic right after adam necroed a 10 year old thread. (BUT REALLY SPEEDING TICKET PLEASE DO NOT WARN ME) petitioning the following to join the discord where boring adults share their adult lives (e.g. cooking, plants, pets) @Xaria @Phoenix Rider @Po22 @William Howard Taft @Gillis @yErrRokK @man @Whitey @Kittenblob @Cxkslei @Dad @makz @Bintey @Tabt @Jethraw @Chaoss @venom @yelo @Jamster @mal @Silavor (Tabt, Chaoss and Venom I see you're on the discord but you should reinstall the app) dial this toll free number that should never expire. adam still will not get us a mafia bot https://discord.gg/D2xq3GJEwM
  13. Adam?

    Worst Laws You've Broken?

    I'll bump even older just you wait
  14. Sobend

    Worst Laws You've Broken?

    Bumping topics after 13 years didn't make the cut?
  15. True 2k8

    Who is alive?

    yo add me true#2008
  16. Adam?

    RIP me

    still bummed this happened
  17. Adam?

    The last person to post here wins

    Congrats to Sobend for the shortest reign in this topic since 2015
  18. Earlier
  19. you were dressed as appropriately as could be
  20. So we’re ice fishing? You could have told me so I at least had the opportunity to dress appropriate. Look at what you’re wearing
  21. I have the winter graphics setting on because it is whimsical
  22. Such shameless advertisement is unacceptable. ...because if add some links and relevant information, I will pin it for you so it is always noticeable and more acceptable.
  23. It has somehow got me playing RuneScape again with a new character. Not something I expected in 2023. Me and @Synapsi and no she didn't give her permission
  24. Hello!

    Sals is alive on OSRS and discord!

    We recently just passed 100 members in our OSRS clan with 10-20 online during peak hours.

    Feel free to reach out if you're interested in joining or joining the discord!!



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