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  2. WeePee

    Official Wow Thread

    Yo! Anyone playing WoW Classic?
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  4. Magic of Woodcut

    Sal's Shoddy Guestbook

    Love it
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  6. Don't don't NOT don't do not don't do not not don't sign the guestbook
  7. Zooey

    Runescape Fanclub Renaissance

    yes Well, uh, well... well, I have some bad news and it was good
  8. Zooey

    Sal's Shoddy Guestbook

    well, this has been done entirely with fonts, uh, so, you got an easter egg Put one in the center! Great idea. @Magic of Woodcut so I partially gave up on drawing images and pulled a tree font, put a few around, hope that's okay
  9. Chaoss

    Sal's Shoddy Guestbook

    Needs a Sal's Santa Hat somewhere now!
  10. Egghebrecht

    Sal's Shoddy Guestbook

    cool things I think it really needs a drawing of an egg since it's basically the same principle as engraving going for outline only is the easiest route and looks good
  11. Chaoss

    Runescape Fanclub Renaissance

    If The Darkest gains admission I'm out.
  12. Chaoss

    what if

    even better, a notification
  13. Egghebrecht

    The last person to post here wins

    because gambling doesn't have to stay in vegas!
  14. Great question. Knowledge. I'd like to say final goodbyes to my loved ones... then blow my money on blow and purple sweets.
  15. Sneezingtree

    The last person to post here wins

    Buy Bitcoin!
  16. 20000_Posts

    Sal's Shoddy Guestbook

    Haha the monkey is awesome. This looks really cool.
  17. Oh look it's not dead I'm happy

    1. Sobend


      Hello. This is not a private chat.

    2. Zooey


      I can only use QuickChat.

  18. Zooey

    Sal's Shoddy Guestbook

    Ok - still working on code to print out images (I'm not sure if I should be aiming for the edges of images or somehow do some shaded-in kind of deal. The monkey of Redmonke's was a dingbat font, lol. I'll continue working on it; I attached an idea of what's going on, I'm printing points dependent on the brightness/green values at each pixel
  19. im gona mill burray ur mom

    august 14th 2019

    ik spreek een beetje nederlands mijn nederlands is niet goed fudge u this has become a life update thing. It's weird reading back on them and being like oh yea that happened random. and in a previous blog said i was 'banging a total hottie'... who is now my girlfriend and i remember my head space at the time and why i would say something like that (i was semi just taking the P one fifty five, but still) and looking back that's messed up and I would never even have those thoughts cross my mind about her now. Not that I've matured (i wish), just the way I perceived her was way off base with who she was, and that's crazy. random how sheets change and random how much I'm changing my sheets for this girl (apparently they sposed to be changed like more than 1nce a year) hhaha I'll look back at that sentence^ and either laugh or cry, depending how this relationship goes. It's not on the rocks, but due to things said above (my perception of her, and even her perception of me), it means our relationship is built on a rough start. We don't have that tale of falling in love. Not that it should be all hollywood, but it's just not a nice story if someone asks how we met. Thoughts? Every time someone would ask "How did you guys meet?" it would be this awkward, bringing back a lot of bad memories experience for both of us. Is this doomed? Is this good? Can we outlast anything if we got past this? fudge
  20. Sageworth

    Banned 5 times in the same day for the same offence?

    Have you changed your password, yet? Did you check your antivirus to see if you have a keylogger attached to your account or if a trojan got in before you changed your password? If you found something like that, take a screenshot of the report and submit it to Runescape. Otherwise, they will assume that you are the perpetrator or you were careless with your password.
  21. Magic of Woodcut

    Sal's Shoddy Guestbook

    Any font works for me, can mine say "The one, the only, Magic of Woodcut" with the woodcutting icon from old school runescape next to it. I tried to attach a picture with the indication of where I'd like that to be but it failed. Can you put that going upwards diagonally up there close to the title of the page sals guestbook guitarguy etc. p.s. i don't know what type of files you're referring to, but corrupted files could be the cause of such incompatibility. i've had experience with corrupted files in the past; generally speaking they can render the entire program (whatever it may be) unusable. the corruption can vary from source to registry to basically anything accessible within the OS. it's a real pain. as far as mitigation/fixing it goes, not for me to say
  22. Zooey

    Sal's Shoddy Guestbook

    Haha I'm pretty unclear in the topic; completely understandable! You can either: Edit the picture and put your text/font/color wherever you want and post it (preferably, telling me the name of said font.) e.g.: Beret and Chaoss's posts Tell me here where and what you want, specifying font/color if you care. If not I'll pick something random e.g.: "I want '99 wc is king' in a medieval font in blue somewhere above 'Mr n3wb'" e.g.: "I don't care what or where, just make sure it's bright, 90 degrees and has 'helo' in it" e.g.: "'Give me life or give me death' in Helvetica, upside-down next to Fishee. And I want a Pikachu next to it." It's worth noting some fonts just don't work with my code so I may end up having to swap it out or fix the print entirely (like Beret's font glyph file missed B, R, and S for some peculiar reason. I'm sure someone smart could explain this)
  23. Magic of Woodcut

    Sal's Shoddy Guestbook

    Can you make a for dummies explanation of this? I want to take part but I'm also a dummy in a sense.
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