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    y u post abt testes thats inappropriate
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    Coming back to Runescape in my mid-20s has made me think more about "free time" or what I spend my time on outside of work. Prior to coming back, I hadn't really invested any significant amount of time into a game since Minecraft back in 2011 or 2012. Most of my time in the past years have been spent with other hobbies like biking, reading, drawing or coding. Maybe piano once in a blue moon. There's the argument that if you're enjoying doing something, it isn't a waste of time. I'm not sure I entirely agree with that anymore though - there's clearly a difference in the results of spending 100 hours learning a practicable skill versus watching 100 hours of TV.. or Runescape. I guess I'm not really arguing a point here, but I'm interested to know what y'all's personal thoughts on it and your own "free time" are. I guess it's just a matter of how you live your life. Maybe some of your own tricks you use? I personally find it a lot easier to sit down and play a video game instead of putting in effort on a hobby, but I know personally I get a lot more out of the latter. I've been trying to stick to a schedule (very much like a "one hour games, one hour reading, etc." kind of thing) but it's so hard to follow with no outside accountability.
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    I mean, that is subjective, man. They require 20 Defence, remember? Your answer is discriminatory towards Pures, man. Fo' shame.
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    To answer your question btw get full mystic
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    The seamen of Tempest - battle hardened as they are - prepared for a tough fight. The face of the seamen darkened, the shadows grew long, and we set out on the battle field; swords and staves gripped tightly in our hands. Slaughter17 -- RS clanner by day, poet by night. Good job guys
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    Hell is empty and all the devils are here! Yes I just shamelessly quoted The Tempest. Congratz!!!!
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    Lamps, Events [Christmas Event with the Snowboard ramp] Water balloons.
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    called it @Salmoneus @Sobend @Guitarguy @Chaoss @Zooey @Aabid @lilshu @heb0
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    So I have been a long time Runescape player, at the time of this incident I had just crossed the 5 year mark, and i have run into a problem. To start off, a little bit before the banning actually happened, i had gotten hacked and all of my bank cleared out ext ext, nothing really new there. I reported it to Jagex and they said that there was nothing they could do about it, which I understand. The thing that got me though, is that Jagex acknowledged the fact that my account was hacked and that a little bit later, banned me for macroing. Now I can understand there need to keep the game clean, but in my opinion, this is just the biggest slap to the face that I can get. Not only am I now the one who is getting punished, but the hackers that hacked me in the first place, have gotten off Scott free. If that wasnt bad enough, i look at my offences, and i have 5 offences for the same date and time, all lined up in a row with variable times ranging from permanent to a day or two. I would really like to know why this is and why i have the same offence on my account 5 times over. Also, i logged in several days later and noticed that all of the offences had been changed to the same time, permanent, why is that?? So basically, i am confused and frustrated. IO have never seen anything like this in my months of googling and trying to find someone in a similar situation but i cant find anything. So if someone has any insight or anything, that would be most appreciated. I also linked the picture of the offences below, just to show how confusing this all is. Thank you! http://imgur.com/IEWApPa Your account has the following offences recorded: Date Offence Evidence 22-Sep-2015 Macroing Major (ban) View 22-Sep-2015 Macroing Major (ban) View 22-Sep-2015 Bot Busting Moderate (ban) View 22-Sep-2015 Macroing Major (ban) View 22-Sep-2015Macroing Major (ban) View

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