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    hi everyone how is life? i bought a house last november it's pretty sick about to have kid #2 in december what's goin on with all you fellas
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    they are named yuan and rang cuz no matter how i will try i will always disappoint them
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    love it. great work as always
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    @Fatalysm Thanks for the nostalgia trip with that list of names. Tons of cool people and good times here.
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    @Kingy @The Enigma @Steve @Cookthechef @Andyana @Zooey @Arrogance @Beret @Prashanna @Desireful @gazisere @Un0 @Un_t0uch @Celtic @MRC @Haru @Venomblood @venom @Teh Crappy @Doom @Kwinten @Topdog @SlashingUK @Pixel Bunnie @Master Neverdead @Phoenix Rider @Kittenblob @Entrility @Falcon @Adam? @Jethraw @Tabt @Doddsy @iToast @Cxkslei @Lily Haaron @Merch Gwyar @Lee M16 @ZacharyB @Kesthetic @Micael Fatia @Sofee @As @Twist of Fate @Mr FANG @Whiskas @Nitua @Finway @Synapsi @Army of One @chaosor @Fabis @reepicheep @wartoc @Sk8skull @Ambo100 @Old Ben @Evin290 @heb0 @Jnr J @Common Sense @iSlam @King Of Monra @lord earth13 @Speedwagon @zellychan @Arborus @Ambo100 @Chaoss There's so many people I'm forgetting about. Perks of growing ancient I suppose.
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    Put you down in the bottom right with purple! Ok, so, I doubt there's any remaining interest but if anyone wants to add anything more, I'm probably gonna copy it in and print out onto a larger piece of paper (maybe scale it down for more space?) but yeah. Seeing how bumping is not an issue with us remaining 5 members I'll keep all the code to add on stuff in 1000 years
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    Welcome back man. Can't wait to go on an autumn voyage.
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    i return to a true darkness. this is the end of days.
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    hey lets bring back downvotes who's with me
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