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    Ah that's kind of Cool :) I'll wait to see his Finished Signature though since I really like Pixel Sigs!
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    ... but men do, through the roads they walk." - Me just now, blatantly stealing from Fallout And my road changed, and took me away from this place I spent so much time in as a teen and a young man. How long as it been? Probably half a decade only, and yet it feels it's been so much longer. I came here out of nostalgia, answering a question my future fiancé asked me about how I learned my English. I immediately thought of RuneScape, but more specifically of Sal's and the good times I spent here. The fun people, the drama, the competitions. Man I did miss this place. I wonder who's still around or even remembers me? I used to be cool I think. At least that's how I prefer to remember my times here. But I can easily admit looking back without bias that I was also tremendously cringe at some points, and immature beyond words. I prefer to believe I had a positive impact in this community though, the same way the community impacted me. Hope you're all faring well, and remain safe in this time of crisis. With the pandemic and all. Stay well friends. Miss you.
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    Searched google and got pretty jiggy with it. Crazy how much is still online really!
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    When I saw you were doing that, I was thinking to myself “I’ll make him a temporary one, because that signature is gonna take a wee bit of time.” Perhaps a drawing would be easier? Do we try and get AnonJoe and Andyana back? So lost on these forums these days!
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    My last post was 6 years ago so I thought I'd jump on and see who's all on RuneScape and Sal's these days.
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    New progress!!! Fire Cape sounds cool, and you it translates well to video (i.e., it's exciting to watch).
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    Disregard Zooey's inferior signature; use this one instead:
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    You should be able to now. Sal fixed it earlier this month.
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    hello is anyone here
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    You've become such a boomer since we last saw you
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    So many things are broken but things have been getting fixed recently. I alerted Sal.
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    Today is my first time logging on in a very long time just reminiscing about all the good times on this forum. I remember all the signature request threads when the guys who were good at Photoshop would make whatever everyone asked for. I thought about the progress bars in my signature too when I was working on 99 Fletching haha! A lot has changed since then it seems. Especially RuneScape itself. It's nothing like the game I use to play. I definitely remember your username, Sobend, Chaoss and Egghebrecht. Hope all of you are doing well. Any of you guys still play? Moved on to other games?
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    I was just talking about you yesterday with Uther on Runescape. HI!!!!!!!!!
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    you misspelled "Michael" noob

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