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    @Fatalysm Nice of you to mention my name twice there I kind of feel the same way as Yuanrang, so many names to remember and I'm scared I'll leave someone out. There also many names I recognise but I also can't remember how...
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    Wow, I randomly decided to check the forums, only to see I got mentioned in a roundup thread. Cheers, guys. I miss this place one hell of a lot, I really should stop by more, it's only a browser click away. I was locked out of the forums cause I lost a google authenticator for about 2 years, but when Lilshu came back to RS for Archaeology I spammed him until he got it removed. I'm sure a lot of you guys feel the same way, but I really did grow up here. I was younger than pretty much everyone when I stopped lurking in early 2013, and so I got to have some real role models in you guys as I finished my teenage years, and somehow managed to become somewhat of a pillar of the ingame community (skill competition banners, clan avatar, my giant max party and subsequent Vorago mass in 2015). So many memories of the better days, man. Nowadays all I have time for is work and some afk RS3 when I get home and eat dinner, really. But if anybody wants to chat life hit me here or ingame!
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    My username is actually unrelated to my name in origin, as it is more related to my passion for history! I chose "Yuanrang" mostly because I needed an online name, and I liked the person it is inspired from. In certain cultures, it is common to take a "style name" upon entering adulthood. Well, when I hit my teens, the name I chose for my online identity were the same as the style name of said historical figure. Ironically, Yuan has a similarity to real life though, as my real name is Jan. I think most people that suffered my strictness would immediately protest about me being intelligent in any way, shape, or form. This might surprise you, but I am actually not a very strict person, neither in my personal life, nor while teaching. I do admit that I have had a rather zealous approach to making sure the rules were followed, but that has been more of a choice, than a reflection of who I am. I have loved the community here from the first few months. Sal's has provided me with so much through-out the years, that a part of me has wanted to treasure it. I know I have been extremely pedantic, infuriating and stern in making sure the rules are followed, but.. look at it from my perspective: A lot of people on this forum has been immature or filled with repressed emotions, making them lash out and behave in ways that either are offensive, hurtful or disruptive of others. If someone does not beat down on that kind of attitude, this place would have been far less friendly. I think we all know there has been people here that made a sport out of either harassing people, or testing the limits at how far they could go, and then get away with. I get the urge to be rebellious and fight the system, but that never give people the right to bully others. The easiest way to prevent that here, was to just to enforce the rules. I have given out hundreds of warnings over the years that I felt was unnecessary, or even harsh, because some of our rules were far stricter than I personally like. The fact that someone could get banned because they had too large a signature 7 times in a row is just utterly idiotic to me, but... at the same time.. if we had more lenient towards that, people could easier argue in favour of leniency towards other rules as well. The worst part about it all was having to do that to my friends. I have had to ban some really good friends on this forum, and that has just been a horrible experience, but.. at some point you get stuck in a cycle of having to believe in the system, because if not, what was all the other stuff good for? Am I like that in real life? Well, I believe in law and order, but not as zealously as I have done here. My zeal here was more of a reflection of the responsibility and power I had here. Had I stayed a forum member through-out my time here, I probably would have been far more vocal about my personal (negative) opinion of people, than being a cold-hearted, militant, nutjob. It is you. In fact, it is everyone that reads this thread, now or in the future. It used to be a title we either had on the first Invisionfree forum, or had in the beginning of this IPB forum. Whenever someone we all liked went missing, and it was obvious to the community, they were given a unique usergroup with the pip being the one in my signature. The titans are no one in particular, yet all of us at the same time. They are the people we care for, we miss, and we remember dearly to this day. I guess you could say it is my way of publically flagging my nostalgia and fond memories of friends, former acquaintances and so many good times with people. I think the fact that we are different is why I got to know, and respect you, in the first place. When some hot shot is making rounds causing discussion about their signature and GFX skills, you become noticed. I am a poor excuse of an artist, but even I could spot the excitement friends of mine had, when they talked about your work, or them requesting signatures from you. I must admit, I liked a lot of your creations too! I always wished I had the passion for art like everyone in the GFX section used to have. I admire people that strive to improve and learn, and that is how I learned your name, and how to respect the name "Fatalysm". I can certainly think of worse ways to be remembered and to gain the respect of others. Thanks for asking, and thanks for the compliment, even if I am a pretty boring person ever since I got old. These days, I am doing fairly well. I have reached the part in my life where I have mostly obtained the big "life goals" I set in my youth, so now I am just in that process of trying to figure out what to fill the rest of my life with. I really am not sure what to fill life with now that I have little to work towards. For now, it seems to be writing the next D&D session instead of grading English mock exams, but.. I cannot be all old and irresponsible, can I? --------------------- That is more than enough about me though. How about you, Fatalysm? How are you these days? I always saw you as this young and upcoming person who had this extreme creativity and drive to improve, but you would often get bored of your own creations, so you would be stuck in this pattern of improvement and reinventing yourself. I imagine you to be that creative person that, once you feel you mastered something, start learning something brand new. Did you make a career in graphical design? Did you, at some point, want to? Why/why not? Also, if I can go back to your post.. You say you regret not getting to know everyone here on a deeper level, yet it is obvious that there are strong ties here that keep you coming back. Do you feel you missed out in the beginning, and if so, what would you have changed the most? I see you feel that the people here helped you grow, so I guess another good question to you would be... what are the best things you learned from your time here, and the people you met? ...and if my questions are too personal, or hard to answer, I will ask you a simple question: Are you happy, or do you need someone to just vent to/talk to/listen to you? If so, poke me.
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    Cool idea to share your sources, woulda been neat to see what the stars back in the day used (I assume Youhei is actually like, banksy or something) Sigs were such a cool way to put together a piece of art. I like this a lot, especially when you're coming from a break. If I'm being truly objective I think V's a little flat and could use a little pop to differentiate him from the background; the V works really well following his form but I think it could be better. Maybe some moreshining on the left (his right?) side? I dunno. I would just spam space stocks. I miss this stuff.
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    I have briefly read what yuan and fatalysm have said - not due to interest but just my own personal lack of commitment to any piece of prose that's longer than a headline. I think the closest we have to that forum feel is facebook groups. I like my cars and the dedicated facebook groups have that 'community' feel to them, unlike reddit - sure, you can post a question and it gets answered by someone, but its just not the same as seeing the same faces pop up. These groups also host local car meets and things like that so you get to start putting a face to the.... digital face. I'm sure there's runescape groups that act the same on Facebook, I've visited the reddit and pay no attention to who the actual users are commenting or making threads.
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    mint brah
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    I like it!
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    Indeed it is & thanks! Thanks & it sure was a good amount to get there.
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    My signature is better.
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    Something that you might be able to discern is whether or not it's an account ban or an IP address ban. Also since you mentioned you've been inactive, are you the only one with access to the account or could your account be compromised? If you contact Jagex and could verify that you are the account holder and you offer them information such as your broadband provider current and previous and your IP address they might be able to look into your account. The easiest answer would be to start a fresh account. Whilst it's frustrating to have lost your progress, the fun and enjoyment comes from the game and not the cape. I recently started an old school account under the name Fatalysm and I have 7 stats at level 60, a couple that are getting close to that as well. My plan is to level everything to 60 and then start questing which is something I really enjoy from the game. I also have an RS3 account called Fatalysm with greater stats and a significant amount of the quests already completed. But RS3 doesn't hold the same charm and in my opinion it's been butchered by microtransactions and cosmetics. If you do end up playing again, feel free to add me, I'm usually skilling but I'm not bad at flipping and stuff either. I'm in no way an expert on RuneScape anymore but I'll always lend a hand.
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    For years, I have thought about making such a list, writing a personal comment, but.. where the hell do one even begin? So many years. So many names. So many name-changes. So many memories. So many that are lost to time and the void of my goldfish-like memory. Sal's has changed my way in so many ways, some small, some absolutely life altering. At some point in time, this place will go down, and we will all leave a part of ourselves behind when it does. ...but until then, this is home away from home before I got my own home. You? You are my extremely dysfunctional family, and I love you all for it.
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    @Kingy @The Enigma @Steve @Cookthechef @Andyana @Zooey @Arrogance @Beret @Prashanna @Desireful @gazisere @Un0 @Un_t0uch @Celtic @MRC @Haru @Venomblood @venom @Teh Crappy @Doom @Kwinten @Topdog @SlashingUK @Pixel Bunnie @Master Neverdead @Phoenix Rider @Kittenblob @Entrility @Falcon @Adam? @Jethraw @Tabt @Doddsy @iToast @Cxkslei @Lily Haaron @Merch Gwyar @Lee M16 @ZacharyB @Kesthetic @Micael Fatia @Sofee @As @Twist of Fate @Mr FANG @Whiskas @Nitua @Finway @Synapsi @Army of One @chaosor @Fabis @reepicheep @wartoc @Sk8skull @Ambo100 @Old Ben @Evin290 @heb0 @Jnr J @Common Sense @iSlam @King Of Monra @lord earth13 @Speedwagon @zellychan @Arborus @Ambo100 @Chaoss There's so many people I'm forgetting about. Perks of growing ancient I suppose.
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    Anyone still log? I miss sals. I still play. OS. Come to Friends chat! (cc) How is everyone? Anyone rich as hell? Just say some random stuff. i miss dragon sal z. Someone find adam. Feel free to add me. ( B0b2oo0 )
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    Apologies for bringing up a topic from the dead but the link for the discord has changed, it can now be found here: http://discord.gg/ezxezby Giving the server a new-year face lift tonight, more people are welcome, still quite a few people chatting it up. Love to see more :) Thanks
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    Druin (a young man named Jeffrey) passed by suicide the day this was posted. He had spent the last couple years of his life feeling extremely isolated as he came to grips with being gay and lacking supportive community. I was probably one of the last people he reached out to in the days before making his decision. I can't blame myself for it, nor do I think I could have talked him out of it, but even now I think of him a few times a month and strive to connect with my friends in the LGBT+ community. Often they need us more than we can ever know. Please, if you read this, reach out and say hi to someone who may be having a hard time. Do it in honor of Jeffrey, and in honor of the Jeffries around the world who desperately need it. I'm not going to promise you'll save a life, but you'll brighten one - and that is just what is needed sometimes.

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