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    damn lmao they found the one articulate post from 17 year old kam
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    Sal? Back? Where!? I too am sort of dipping my toes into Old School. There was something special about that game.
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    u should persue it!
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    i never replied to this, but i really wanna thank you; i haven't pursued this realm for the time being, but your advice is invaluable and it's something i try to always keep in mind now
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    double or triple your price, you are too cheap to be considered art by collectors also offer a custom print service where you will program their drawing some tips from an art collector ;)
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    this blog post is now where i just post prints because the graphics forum serves no purpose without @Fatalysm
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    hey zooey, good idea about prints that people will buy, because that means u will earn money.
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    I really didn't want to see this comment die but it was dead-on-arrival.
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    what ever happened to steve and man and whiskas and vausey and and and and and it's not screaming it's LOUDER AND WITH YOUR MOUTH OPEN omg it's As the next thing you'll say is Sal himself is back
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    One day when you feel like checking back in the only people that will be here are robots. They are kind I do imagine and will take you in as one of their own and treat you with respect and dignity.
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    Yeah you're pretty cool :).
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    Yes, you are awesome :)
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    I like your family crest, here's mine as far as I can tell. I'm also from the UK, down in the south west of England. As a genealogist what websites/research methods would you recommend for someone trying to research their family. I tried ancestry and another website but there is barely any information available on family past my grandparents.
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    If you keep comparing yourself to people you know are better than yourself, you are going to crush your own morale and as a result, not improve very much. I always tell my students that the key goal is to perform to the full extent of their own capabilities. People can have a bad day and do poorly on an exam, but the trick is to be preparred and ready to take it. Anything beyond that is circumstancial and very dependant on the situation. My advise to you is to look at your grades and ask yourself "What do I want to improve?" or "What can I improve?". For the next semester or school year, put specific goals and work dilligently to reach those goals. That is far more productive and easier than to set impossible standards and measure yourself against them. :P
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    >Sofee realises her blogs and life here at the forum are no longer at a high-point. >Sofee claims her time is done >Sofee makes new account >"Mayaissofeesfwiend" >Now tells stories from "Maya's" point of view >Fills gap in heart of finally being loved on the forum again Game, set, match, Sofee.
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    You seem like a pretty interesting guy. I know a description of my family crest but I don't have a picture. :(

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