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    Binged the entire thing last night.
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    On yuanrang’s 21st birthday!
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    Something that helped me was reframing positivity back into my life. I would write three things I was grateful for every day. I would also write about all the positive things that happened in the day. After a while, you stop focusing so heavily on the negatives, and your mind is always searching for the positives. Of course, life still happens, and it can be good or bad, and you can't change those things easily. But with a different frame of mind, things can get easier. You've got this, and of course, if you ever want to talk, I'm down. I've been through it all too.
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    At the moment, the new Netflix series Arcane is making me feel pretty magical, so there's that stay safe in your winter, that sounds horrible, meanwhile I'm bracing myself for our blistering summers! Funnily enough, my gf is from NZ (Dunedin), and that's the next place we're planning to travel to, to see her family and do some adventuring. I'll have to hit you up when we eventually go over!
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    Then again, you do not need much planning to have kids! I know a lot of people from my year that ended up getting kids years before they were ready. Some, to be fair, are not even ready to this day. Children is probably a joy, but they certainly also seem like a prison. I think being grown up to want to "settle" down comes in many shapes, sizes and situations. What I would say is that, after settling down, I would say that "feeling the magic" is more about a state of mind. I find that one's definition of "magic" often changes, so my best suggestion is for you to look for what is magical to you nowadays, if you want to feel that... comfort, passion and happiness. I am doing well, yeah. I am bracing myself from the pre-Christmas rush with grading and assessing students, and facing the dread of 6 months of snow and ice during the darkness of winter, but at least the non-work parts of my life is going rather well.
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    Always the one with the words Yuan, well said. I suppose everybody gets to this stage of life at some point, some earlier than others - there are people from my year in highschool already having kids, so they're way past me! And then there are those who are still 'finding themselves' past age 30; I made friends with many of them in Canada. And my 'settle down' time has come! I look back at my time in Canada with such warmth and fondness and it is hard to let go of the fact that I will never feel that magic again, even if I go backpacking again, it won't be the same. Then again, the rose-tinted glasses always get put on and it's easy to forget the stressful parts of living abroad. Hope you are doing well too
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    A pleasing read! Happy to hear you are happy.
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    Presented without comment. Have fun, old buddy!
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    they are named yuan and rang cuz no matter how i will try i will always disappoint them
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    I think everyone would contribute by simply spreading mental health awareness, teaching people to self-care, and telling people to not give up hope for a better life. I loved the part of your comment where you said "Life can be so great, and trying to spend it alone is not worth it. It can be so much better - even if it means a lifetime of work". Life is a series of great and horrible moments, but the tragic thing about struggling with your mental health, is that you cannot see anything beyond the bleak and oppressive dread you are stuck in. Men especially are very vulnerable to this type of illnesses, because we are not really raised to be very open about our emotions and well-being, and would rather attempt to "man up", than to seek help. Since we also are slower to visit doctors, and might under-report illnesses, men are prone to not get the help they are in dire need of. Add that up with the fact that, when men do attempt to commit suicide, they are far more successful than women, and there is no wonder that men commit suicide 3-4 times more often than women.
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    If you keep comparing yourself to people you know are better than yourself, you are going to crush your own morale and as a result, not improve very much. I always tell my students that the key goal is to perform to the full extent of their own capabilities. People can have a bad day and do poorly on an exam, but the trick is to be preparred and ready to take it. Anything beyond that is circumstancial and very dependant on the situation. My advise to you is to look at your grades and ask yourself "What do I want to improve?" or "What can I improve?". For the next semester or school year, put specific goals and work dilligently to reach those goals. That is far more productive and easier than to set impossible standards and measure yourself against them. :P
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    >Sofee realises her blogs and life here at the forum are no longer at a high-point. >Sofee claims her time is done >Sofee makes new account >"Mayaissofeesfwiend" >Now tells stories from "Maya's" point of view >Fills gap in heart of finally being loved on the forum again Game, set, match, Sofee.
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    At that point, it had already been dead for 3 years. I think it was taken over by Beeboy and permanently down at that point too, lost to us forever.
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    imagine there is no heaven

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