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    Zooey warms my heart. Which is impressive seeing as its been cold and dead for a long time now.
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    an exceptional banner and gift
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    Here I am making light of the entire concept of this blog post by highlighting obvious things that couldn't be considered references or jokes. It doesn't seem to be a very healthy way to approach something I made and is inherently a defensive posture this is some self deprecating humor to make me seem approachable and definitely not self obsessed these get into the deep sadness I felt when I saw all of DSZ was gone and then the joyous redemption of being able to restore them DSZ is still an anime parody you know these are sals forum / discord references that like 12 people in the world would understand some good old fashioned references to whats happening on the forum i hope that helped you understand!!
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    YOU'RE ALIVE! site looks nice. solid updates
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    Easily the most memorable RuneScape event for me. I didn't realize Jagex had an event commemorating this tragedy. For shame! Also it's extremely on-brand for me to have an obvious typo in the post you shared.
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    I always thought these looked very nice. I'm also in awe of anyone who can actually draw
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    One way to look at it is that in F2P, the more skilled player always win, because (at least when I played), you knew how to manipulate certain things, such as getting the max out of your prayer points, to ensuring basic hit manipulation, to having certain items in your inventory to help. P2P had that aspect of... you can do everything right, trash your opponent, and then suddenly they will whip out a series of DD(P++) hits blessed by RNG Jesus, and then while you are chaotically spamming your food, you see that massive Greataxe come out, and the big damage bubble flash over your body as your healthbar mysteriously turn completely red. Was it frustrating? Hell yeah, but landing those blows? Pure fun. Basically, F2P was your technical wrestlers like Bryan Danielson, Brett Hart or Kurt Angle. Fantastic skill required, but easily overshadowed by the Juggernauts. Especially if you have a fetish for the huge mountains of muscle like a certain former CEO had. F2P PvP was super fun, but at least when I did F2P, it was very unrewarding as to what you got from it. In P2P, you could at least get rich off it.
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    Oh! That makes sense, because that just confused me, and the RS Wiki article on Castle Wars made no comment to a stat crunch.
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    Hard to fight back when I unintentionally roasted myself a long time ago.
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    Ah you're not going crazy Yuan, you're just missing the context of the event. It is Old School RuneScape, but the actual Old School version of it and not the 'Old School' days aka RuneScape 2. Most participants did not play Old School RuneScape but EoC RuneScape aka RuneScape 3, and thus our Old School levels were super duper low.
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    I think it depends a lot on how you see it, really. I think F2P PvP was massively superior in groups, but if you were a solo player, P2P pvp was absolutely the superior experience. I think the greatest kick I have ever had was capping defence at 70. Having the full Dharok combo shred someone out of thin air, knowing a single mistake makes you lose a few millions, was a really great rush. I am not sure if it needed more skill, but it certainly needed more composure and being able to swap fast and accurately, and handle pressure. Plus, you know, the value were higher in P2P and I loved earning gold through combat since, truthfully, skilling was not for me.
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    Oh, I think quite a few people are actually reading stuff. I tend to read most blogs, status updates and posts on the Forum, but I do not comment on everything. This, however, is the stuff I love to comment on. I never really played RS3, so that OSRS feeling of Woodcutting (and how I hated that skill) is very nostalgic to me. The fact that you managed to have the patience to grind out 99 with that annoying chopping sound, is impressive to me.
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    Shots might, or might not, have been intentionally fired.
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    I am really enjoying the nostalgic journey you're taking us on with your blog.
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    Good on Sal for leveling up during the event
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    It was a really good episode, well done Adam?!
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    In the channel chat or clan? Sorry, I never keep that tab open so I miss messages. :( Actually I'm just botting 24/7
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    Binged the entire thing last night.
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    Something that helped me was reframing positivity back into my life. I would write three things I was grateful for every day. I would also write about all the positive things that happened in the day. After a while, you stop focusing so heavily on the negatives, and your mind is always searching for the positives. Of course, life still happens, and it can be good or bad, and you can't change those things easily. But with a different frame of mind, things can get easier. You've got this, and of course, if you ever want to talk, I'm down. I've been through it all too.
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    I think everyone would contribute by simply spreading mental health awareness, teaching people to self-care, and telling people to not give up hope for a better life. I loved the part of your comment where you said "Life can be so great, and trying to spend it alone is not worth it. It can be so much better - even if it means a lifetime of work". Life is a series of great and horrible moments, but the tragic thing about struggling with your mental health, is that you cannot see anything beyond the bleak and oppressive dread you are stuck in. Men especially are very vulnerable to this type of illnesses, because we are not really raised to be very open about our emotions and well-being, and would rather attempt to "man up", than to seek help. Since we also are slower to visit doctors, and might under-report illnesses, men are prone to not get the help they are in dire need of. Add that up with the fact that, when men do attempt to commit suicide, they are far more successful than women, and there is no wonder that men commit suicide 3-4 times more often than women.
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