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    damn lmao they found the one articulate post from 17 year old kam
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    Testing out posting a reply to a blog post
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    No worries Wilt, I had quite a bit of nostalgia seeing a lot of familiar names there. Some of them seemingly living somewhat close to me too. It was quite the blast from the past, as short as I made it. I’m often finding myself missing the sense of community I had in sal’s back in the day, within the last year uniquely even more so. It doesn’t help that on average my coworkers are 10 years minimum older than me, and in different places in their lives than me as well. Hell, that’s probably true across the industry for all I know. And for a while now the vast majority of my friends have scattered in pursuit of their own lives. It puts me at an odd place in my life with so few connections, barring family. So yeah, the good ol’ rusty sals blog it is.
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    Heya! Not trying to throw you under the bus for sure with the random chat add, just trying to make sure you're not left behind :) I totally understand the desire to fight one thing at a time and I'm sorry to have made you feel that way, inadvertent though it was. I hadn't seen your old post, no, just a weird coincidence of timing. I hope this new chapter of self-discovery goes well for you and that you're able to find a place among your community with this new-to-them bit of identity. Feel free to reach out if you ever need to chat - here works, or email me: (my username)@gmail.com. Miss you, old friend.
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    We're all growing up. I'm very happy to see life is treating another old member of the community so well. We've never really talked much I believe, but I remember you and seeing you post here feels very nostalgic. Don't feel scared of interacting with Sal's Realm members in real life. I still keep contact with plenty on Facebook. I've grew to view them as more than just old community friends, but actual real life friends too.
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    u should persue it!
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    i never replied to this, but i really wanna thank you; i haven't pursued this realm for the time being, but your advice is invaluable and it's something i try to always keep in mind now
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    congratz fellow old fart enjoy your dad joke license
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    double or triple your price, you are too cheap to be considered art by collectors also offer a custom print service where you will program their drawing some tips from an art collector ;)
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    this blog post is now where i just post prints because the graphics forum serves no purpose without @Fatalysm
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    hey zooey, good idea about prints that people will buy, because that means u will earn money.
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    Sal? Back? Where!? I too am sort of dipping my toes into Old School. There was something special about that game.
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    For transparency, I nominate Bluefire, Beeboy, Drokarus, Slushpuppy, Metal Cactus, iTush, 1800, Fraff, MisterMocie, 123man, and Panzerpaul.
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