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  1. Hey all, As you may have noticed, Sal's went offline last month. Our server crashed after years of being unmaintained () and we had some data corruption. Unfortunately, backups of the server and data broke at some point... which would have made the process so much easier! I was eventually able to recover the community data, but needed to rebuild the server, essentially from scratch. Apparently a lot changes in 6 years for web servers, so a lot of banging-head-against-keyboard ensued until I was finally able to get things into a good state. And... here we are! Apologies for the delay in getting things back up and running. Let me know if you have any questions! Cheers, Sal
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  2. Hello! I thought it was time I made an into post. I am Rolf aka 6 i r t h y. I am Rolf on discord with 6 i r t h y being my runescape iron. I assume most here know me from the discord but the cruel Adam? and Synapsi have forced my hand to post here as well. Those who don't know me, I KNOW YOU. I have absorbed the lore into my being and become the nu wave. For real, hello. I played f2p barely in like 2006 -2007. Picked OSRS back up around 2 years ago now and have a 2000 total main and a 1575 iron with a new fire cape as of today.
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  3. Welcome back to the shiny new forums!
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  4. Hey all, I used to lurk these forums way back in the day (a little over a decade ago) and just unearthed some incredible finds! If you are old enough, you remember how absolutely bonkers everyone was over the pixel kits in the graphics place. Unfortunately, most of the image links have long been broken and forgotten to time.. however, I just found an old flash drive from my childhood that had a TON of those old pixel kits on it. I have uploaded and organized all the kits into a Google Drive folder here if you're interested in. If you happen to have any kits lying around on an old hard drive somewhere that aren't in the folder, please send me an email and I will add them. My email is listed at the end of the README in the root directory of the link above. I hope you guys enjoy. Cheers! Edit: If you hate Google Drive, I have also uploaded the .zip to the Internet Archive here.
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  5. Thank you king!!
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  6. We outlive another one, suckers.
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  7. Alternatives that never made the cut New version of the old banner New version of the old logo I forgot how to wrap bottles properly. 80's inspired movie poster Casually ripping off rick and morty for dragon sal z fan art Making a comic for dragon sal z Unfinished doctor who poster
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