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    Sal-senpai, thank you for all the fun over the years!
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    I'm cringing so hard at these posts lmao
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    I done seen you online just now. Boop
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    I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and everyone has a nicer New Year.
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    HELP. Keep getting error messages :(.
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    hey I just got back to playing OSRS these past few months. if anyone else here is playing feel free to add and message me in game: Lovanggi maybe we could play together!
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    Sal fixed the forums! You should no longer be getting error messages when clicking on things like profiles.
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    During these trying times, going to the grocery store is almost as dangerous as venturing into the Wilderness.
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    Wow, 2020 and I still remember my password
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    Oh look it's not dead I'm happy
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    So, funny story. I saw the "runscape" app on my appstore and thought it would be interesting to search my old username - which led me to your post several years ago, regarding runescape relationships - which caused me to try and login to runescape - which was hell, by the way, considering I had to find a way to log into my old email address - and then I had to create an account on here just to be able to message you. In short - hey, how you been? Haven't seen you since the forest! - Kayla
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    Good evening, don't forget to change your avatars to include the big ol' Santa Hat!
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    Things have changed here. I logged on to say hi to everyone. Strange to see how we all grew up together over a game and many are still here. Hope to catch you in-game before Christmas.
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