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    TEMPEST VS REVENANT P2P Multi-Spells [one day prep] We asked bad boys @ Rev for a fight yesterday in P2P multi-spells and they agreed, and being in the Christmas spirit, we had quite a few Tempest seamen fully prepared for the battle that lay ahead. It was a competitive fight with both sides pulling 50+ despite the short prep and right as we caught a big chunk of momentum towards the end of the cap, Rot+allies logged in with about 30 in moonclan so we fought back and fully cleared them. We resumed the fight with Rev and as the cap came to a close, decided to stick around to see if we could snag any juicy loot from the would-be crashers post cap. We baited them out to members gate and swiftly cleared their attempted log ins. Trying a new tactic, crashers rushed from Gdz in their moonclan but we pulled a swift hammer and anvil tactic, looping around and shovin it in their hoop from the back. Captured the whole thing in 4k as well. While this was going on, I spied with my little eye a little clan named Taliban Killerz trying to snipe returners through gap. We had no choice but to push through gap and send them all packing as well. Following clearing the whole gosh darn wilderness we said our gf to rev at gap and were about to log when we saw the Taliban Killerz try to creep up once more. Pushed south and stole some of their pixels and ended for the evening. Thanks to all for a great fight.

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