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    ... but men do, through the roads they walk." - Me just now, blatantly stealing from Fallout And my road changed, and took me away from this place I spent so much time in as a teen and a young man. How long as it been? Probably half a decade only, and yet it feels it's been so much longer. I came here out of nostalgia, answering a question my future fiancé asked me about how I learned my English. I immediately thought of RuneScape, but more specifically of Sal's and the good times I spent here. The fun people, the drama, the competitions. Man I did miss this place. I wonder who's still around or even remembers me? I used to be cool I think. At least that's how I prefer to remember my times here. But I can easily admit looking back without bias that I was also tremendously cringe at some points, and immature beyond words. I prefer to believe I had a positive impact in this community though, the same way the community impacted me. Hope you're all faring well, and remain safe in this time of crisis. With the pandemic and all. Stay well friends. Miss you.
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    @Kingy @The Enigma @Steve @Cookthechef @Andyana @Zooey @Arrogance @Beret @Prashanna @Desireful @gazisere @Un0 @Un_t0uch @Celtic @MRC @Haru @Venomblood @venom @Teh Crappy @Doom @Kwinten @Topdog @SlashingUK @Pixel Bunnie @Master Neverdead @Phoenix Rider @Kittenblob @Entrility @Falcon @Adam? @Jethraw @Tabt @Doddsy @iToast @Cxkslei @Lily Haaron @Merch Gwyar @Lee M16 @ZacharyB @Kesthetic @Micael Fatia @Sofee @As @Twist of Fate @Mr FANG @Whiskas @Nitua @Finway @Synapsi @Army of One @chaosor @Fabis @reepicheep @wartoc @Sk8skull @Ambo100 @Old Ben @Evin290 @heb0 @Jnr J @Common Sense @iSlam @King Of Monra @lord earth13 @Speedwagon @zellychan @Arborus @Ambo100 @Chaoss There's so many people I'm forgetting about. Perks of growing ancient I suppose.
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    Oh my goodness! Look! Sobend got 99 Archaeology, the best of all the new skills! What do you know, Chaoss didn't know this skill existed until now! C'mon Chaoss, you're on the most active , most descriptive and frequently-visited update forum for Runescape - you should know this stuff by now! I bet you didn't know they came out with Sailing too! Sobend has 99 in that too! The next skill is about raising ponies. Sobend said he won't get 99 in that. That would be weird. I can't believe it though! Sobend got another 99! He's growing up so fast, next thing you know he'll have a max cap- wait, he has one??
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    Hey there everyone! Believe it or not, the site and forum have been living on the same sever for more than a decade! In computer years, that's like 100 million and 3 years, give or take a year or 2 million. Basically, the forum is being served by a Stegosaurus, or something like that. It also turns out that a comet is about to destroy the very part of the datacenter housing our server, so there's that tiny detail too. Anyways, the server is really, really old, and it's living in a really old building that's about to be demolished pretty soon. Seriously, this is all true, I promise! So, I've spent a lot of time building a new server environment elsewhere which should be easier to maintain and upgrade, and it should cost a lot less to run! It also seems to run a bit faster/smoother, and we'll have the benefit of running on all the latest and greatest server software! I'm planning on running the final part of the migration on Wednesday, 9/26, which is basically the part where the forum database is moved over to the new server. My plan is to take the board offline on Wednesday night, copy over the database, run the final maintenance steps, and then update the DNS to point to the new server. For you, this update should be completely painless, except for the fact that the forum will be offline for awhile (oh noes?). I'll update this topic when the work is complete! If you have questions, or just want to post pictures of your favorite dinosaurs to celebrate the life (and impending shutdown) of the old server, please do so in this topic! Cheers, Sal
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    There is no reviving Sal's. Do you not get it? I killed the forum. I killed you all. There is no hope. There are no more heroes. All that remains are the mangled corpses beneath my feet, and the broken skulls shattered amongst the remains. You all failed. This is not a fairy tale where good triumphs over evil, nor could good ever amount for anything when it is championed by spineless fools. I have, and shall forevermore, reign supreme. That is the natural order of the universe. ----------------------------- On a less dramatic, and far more personal, note, I think it is time that we peer-pressure Adam? into coming out of retirement so he can finally finish his masterpiece. This brilliant story of a young and plucky hero, having to overcome being harrassed by so many cruel do-good'ers and ne'er-do-wells, and obtain his goal for Forum (and World!) domination deserves to be finished. Besides, I think few things are as monumentally meme-worthy and unifying to our community as Dragon Sal Z was. The decades of nostalgia, and our forgotten brothers and sisters, call out to you Adam?. They cry for a finish to laughs started, and stories left unfinished. You have made us wait for too long. Rise up and fulfill your destiny by finishing the story! ...If nothing more because you have at least one fan in me waiting patiently, even if I might not ever have said that out loud. I guess it is time to take off the gloves and say it, in the same manner that it is time for you to buckle down and finish your magnum opus.
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    For years, I have thought about making such a list, writing a personal comment, but.. where the hell do one even begin? So many years. So many names. So many name-changes. So many memories. So many that are lost to time and the void of my goldfish-like memory. Sal's has changed my way in so many ways, some small, some absolutely life altering. At some point in time, this place will go down, and we will all leave a part of ourselves behind when it does. ...but until then, this is home away from home before I got my own home. You? You are my extremely dysfunctional family, and I love you all for it.
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    Vote: Cameron time for lynching
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    Forums have taken a big hit in the past ten+ years, and most of the reason why is because of the rise of "social media"--Facebook, Twitter, etc. Have you acclimated yourself to these new platforms, and do you still prefer forums? I know I might be preaching to the choir, but social media does not compare with forums. Forums are easy to use and seem to bring like-minded people together.
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    hello! I remember Adam?, you must be an old battler like me! I'm just posting here because it's one of the only threads with activity, but I randomly thought of runescape, and then that I thought I once wrote a guide about something that got published on the site. And I had a sleuth and its still there! 15 years later BEHOLD: https://runescape.salmoneus.net/tips/wilderness-survival-guide.html#rune_rock_mining Im sure its even more irrelevant than it was back then, but good on Sal for still paying the bill each month. Shame I cant even log in to my RS account anymore and no chance I care enough to follow that up :lol: shout out to @Arianna @Yuanrang @Salmoneus hello edit- I just read that guide and christ I really knew my rune mining back then. great escape tips
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    @Fatalysm Nice of you to mention my name twice there I kind of feel the same way as Yuanrang, so many names to remember and I'm scared I'll leave someone out. There also many names I recognise but I also can't remember how...
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    My signature is better.
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    Haven't posted seriously in about a decade but hope everyone is doing well and see you around if you stop by.
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    Today I got 99 in the latest skill, Archaeology!! I would never have gotten this skill past level 60 or so without the coronavirus. So ty!!!! Here's a picture of me getting level 2 Archaeology from WAAAYYY back on March 30. Try not to get too nostalgic. And here's the video, in case you thought I got Guitarguy to fake the pictures for me. (it's unlisted because that's the only way I can prevent it from going viral.)
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    Searched google and got pretty jiggy with it. Crazy how much is still online really!
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    After all these years you are still the same insufferable, annoying and yet lovable all the same Guitarguy who can't get my name right. God damnit! Omg Sobend my dude! How's everything! You are by far one of the people I missed the most. Good times! And who are you, the proud lord said Leo! So nice to see you're still around! The person who took over my position as the top PvPer here. I missed all the fun stuff we used to do and talk about! Hope you're still kicking butt in the Wilderness. Howdy Chaoss! It's amazing you're still around too. I feel you've been here since forever. Part of the furniture! Oh my gosh this dude! How's family life going Eggy? I bet the kid's a young man (or woman, I forgot. Sorry!) now. You gotta tell me how everything's progressing. Soon enough I'll be having a family of my own and any tips would be amazing! Howdy Flames. Nice to see you popping back for a visit too. Oh please, like you weren't the moderator who liked me the most and even one of the people around with the most patience with me. Hahaha! Miss you a lot Yuan! You were like a mentor to me here, even if you never took the role. All I wanted was to be a good role model like you were.
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    Well, I suppose that means that at least one person thought so!
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    Today is my first time logging on in a very long time just reminiscing about all the good times on this forum. I remember all the signature request threads when the guys who were good at Photoshop would make whatever everyone asked for. I thought about the progress bars in my signature too when I was working on 99 Fletching haha! A lot has changed since then it seems. Especially RuneScape itself. It's nothing like the game I use to play. I definitely remember your username, Sobend, Chaoss and Egghebrecht. Hope all of you are doing well. Any of you guys still play? Moved on to other games?
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    I was just talking about you yesterday with Uther on Runescape. HI!!!!!!!!!
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    you misspelled "Michael" noob
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    Not that I want to be cynical but I believe Jagex have been doing this to RS3 for years.
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    Amen brotha! Screw those dang elitist guildmasters!!
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    I didn't do it... Possibly fixed it. Are you guys still having trouble posting?
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    *With sad eyes* You shouldn't fight in here. This is a magical place. Yes, we need a new skin or two. Folks should look at this topic and help us choose! Otherwise I'm going to upload random skins based on my cat's reactions (and while she's a classy cat, she has no innate sense of web design so it will most likely end badly).

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