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    Oh my goodness! Look! Sobend got 99 Archaeology, the best of all the new skills! What do you know, Chaoss didn't know this skill existed until now! C'mon Chaoss, you're on the most active , most descriptive and frequently-visited update forum for Runescape - you should know this stuff by now! I bet you didn't know they came out with Sailing too! Sobend has 99 in that too! The next skill is about raising ponies. Sobend said he won't get 99 in that. That would be weird. I can't believe it though! Sobend got another 99! He's growing up so fast, next thing you know he'll have a max cap- wait, he has one??
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    thx! and the pronunciation is pretty hard to do for english speakers but this video is quite close to how to pronounce it in Dutch, because yes it is an actual (old) name https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWkdtBjrifE
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    Today I got 99 in the latest skill, Archaeology!! I would never have gotten this skill past level 60 or so without the coronavirus. So ty!!!! Here's a picture of me getting level 2 Archaeology from WAAAYYY back on March 30. Try not to get too nostalgic. And here's the video, in case you thought I got Guitarguy to fake the pictures for me. (it's unlisted because that's the only way I can prevent it from going viral.)
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    wartoc hello this is not an welcome back thread make ur own this is sobends achievment post dont hijack it
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    i believe the egg guy you're referring to is @egg man also wym grow up? arent we all 40+? i thought this was a mature age forum
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    Heh, no guarantees, I forgot how much time and effort ya gotta put into these. I'll keep chipping away at it, it may end up a little more stylized than everything else posted
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    CONGRATS! ps im back
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    At least something good is happening as a result of the lockdowns! Grats
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    Hey congrats! (I didn't even know this skill existed until now!)
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    Good luck on those new goals and buying a bond for 1 GP.
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    Searched google and got pretty jiggy with it. Crazy how much is still online really!
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    Disregard Zooey's inferior signature; use this one instead:

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