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    I didn't do it... Possibly fixed it. Are you guys still having trouble posting?
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    Sal-senpai, thank you for all the fun over the years!
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    Good luck with your account and welcome back to Sals! this is y we r the b3st fansite thx 4ur halp buddy
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    *With sad eyes* You shouldn't fight in here. This is a magical place. Yes, we need a new skin or two. Folks should look at this topic and help us choose! Otherwise I'm going to upload random skins based on my cat's reactions (and while she's a classy cat, she has no innate sense of web design so it will most likely end badly).
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    Almost logged in through facebook once. I saw my entire social life flash before my eyes.
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    Pff, Pornhub already taught me that.
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    Oh look it's not dead I'm happy
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    So, funny story. I saw the "runscape" app on my appstore and thought it would be interesting to search my old username - which led me to your post several years ago, regarding runescape relationships - which caused me to try and login to runescape - which was hell, by the way, considering I had to find a way to log into my old email address - and then I had to create an account on here just to be able to message you. In short - hey, how you been? Haven't seen you since the forest! - Kayla
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    Creativity is not irrelevant, it pushes our species further culturally and technologically. Science can further us but creativity is what leads us. For example, a touchscreen has no relevance without function and form. Science can create a touchscreen but creativity demands it's function. We are led by creativity to a certain extent. Science fiction is just as important as anything else.
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    So I tried to edit the site today and there were still lots of issues. And for some reason I don't have permission to upload images onto the website.
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    Some of my favorite memories on here were those Puzzlehunts that Cameron used to run. I remember working all day on one, and I had helped solve almost every clue up to that point, and then I went to sleep for the night and it had been mostly solved by the next morning. That was the one that had a massive grid with a ton of different individual puzzles, and then the password was every single letter/number in the puzzle in the order of the spiral going inward. And then another time the password was Tchaikovsky. And still to this day I can't hear the composer's name without thinking of that Puzzlehunt. Can someone drop Cameron a line and see if he can make another one? It'll be an extra challenge since there's only 10 of us left on the forums. Lol.
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    Watch out where the huskies go, and don't you eat that yellow treasure
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    if you don't like it don't... you are better off using your creativity for non profit goals as a volunteer, more satisfaction and no goosedowns bosses
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    I shortened it down for you babe.
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    http://salsrealm.wikia.com/wiki/Magic_of_Woodcut no regrets. you can actually laugh at this one sober.
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    Thanks man. :) Thanks my dude. Funny story about the name gretmatter, it is supposed to be greatmatter. Problem was that I misspelled it when making an account for something, then didn't know how to change it. I sort of just stuck with it since then.
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    I can't be listening to Game of Thrones music on a week day.. you're just making my more hyped than I have to be for Sunday. Edit: I CAN EDIT YOUR COMMENT CHAOSS, MUHAHAHAHAHA - FATALYSM GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!! Never....EVER! - Fatalysm
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    It seems that poor education, poor earning opportunities, and being rural (or as I like to call most rural people, useless ) (it's a joke) are the biggest drivers of gun violence. That last one said, gun violence is also heavily driven by city life. I'd be interested to see why living rural leads to higher gun violence. That actually brings up a similar point I've heard before (might have been on Sal's, might have been somewhere else, it was a while ago). A lot of people call for anti-gun laws, but live completely different lifestyles from the people who perhaps benefit from having a gun the most. When anti-gun persons argue that the only people who need a gun are the cops, they are saying this belief with the idea that a cop will respond to a situation within 1-3 minutes in an urban/suburban area. Those who live in a rural area don't have that convenience though. If there's someone on their property threatening them, they can't just call the police and have them show up within a few minutes - it could take quite a while depending on how secluded they are. I would imagine having a gun gives those people some solace, and it would be unfortunate to see guns banned in these areas that benefit from their use.
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    good luck on your goals zooey. makes me want to play ra again.
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    For transparency, I nominate Bluefire, Beeboy, Drokarus, Slushpuppy, Metal Cactus, iTush, 1800, Fraff, MisterMocie, 123man, and Panzerpaul.

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