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    Sal's had been so intertwined with young me's development for so long it's funny to me how I'm still drawn to make this post even though it's been like three and a half years since my last one. In that time I've become a homeowner, gotten married, adopted a dog, and yet nothing drew a post out of me til now. Coming up on a year ago now the pieces slid into place for me and I saw the clearest picture of myself to date. In my first few years here as a freshly minted member I was a proud witness to more than a few forumers finding themselves and it's only taken me a decade to catch up. Sometimes I can only shake my head at young me but then again, who am I to judge? I forget how long ago it was but at one point this year I made a semi-subtle status update alluding to the subject of this post but deleted it after being surprised by a facebook chat invite to a group of slammers. Real life name meets internet folk, you know how it goes. So I guess this is take two? I'm split between sharing a fundamental part of myself with a scattered group I considered friends and the status quo of shutting in. But today was rough for me, all I want to do is eat again or watch more Netflix. And I'm just about out of whiskey. There’s this weird duality where it feels like I’ve had to grow up so fast while dealing with doctors and insurance for the first time, and yet I’m experiencing at the same time the rollercoaster of self-discovery and emotions I would’ve associated with middle school. Whether it's today with you or a year from now with literally everyone else, I'll have to get used to trusting in people's goodness. And so, with more time on my hands than ever, I ask this one question: do you think there's a prominent trans slammer I might have been aware of? You know, asking for a friend.
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    damn lmao they found the one articulate post from 17 year old kam
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    Sal? Back? Where!? I too am sort of dipping my toes into Old School. There was something special about that game.
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    Amen brotha! Screw those dang elitist guildmasters!!
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    I didn't do it... Possibly fixed it. Are you guys still having trouble posting?
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    Sal-senpai, thank you for all the fun over the years!
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    Good luck with your account and welcome back to Sals! this is y we r the b3st fansite thx 4ur halp buddy
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    *With sad eyes* You shouldn't fight in here. This is a magical place. Yes, we need a new skin or two. Folks should look at this topic and help us choose! Otherwise I'm going to upload random skins based on my cat's reactions (and while she's a classy cat, she has no innate sense of web design so it will most likely end badly).
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    hello is anyone here
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    We're all growing up. I'm very happy to see life is treating another old member of the community so well. We've never really talked much I believe, but I remember you and seeing you post here feels very nostalgic. Don't feel scared of interacting with Sal's Realm members in real life. I still keep contact with plenty on Facebook. I've grew to view them as more than just old community friends, but actual real life friends too.
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    hey zooey, good idea about prints that people will buy, because that means u will earn money.
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    just made one of these things might spruce up this ghost town https://andrewpilkington.deviantart.com/
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    now IP banned from my cellphone and work but unbanned from home... the fudge is this automated defense system doing really?
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    To whoever reads this, this blog will be my story of how I lost my bank, and what actions I'm taking to re-build that bank. This is more for my personal reference, but some of you may like the idea behind it. It all started when I received a message from a stranger, asking me how much my Santa Hat is currently worth. Usually I ignore these messages, but I thought, hey why not be nice and let him know, so I did. We then got into conversation about how I made my money, how long I've had the Santa, and just general small talk. He then spoke about his money making, firstly bosses (which I'm not too interested in high level PVM) and how he makes money from "Tree People", before directing me to a video of how this works. The idea behind such is simple. You sit in the GE of a busy world, before someone contacts you, asking if you'd like to make a bit of money. You accept, and follow a few steps which I will cover later. The end goal of such, is the lurer gives you some money, and some telegrab runes, which you use to grab a pile of cash from behind a tree, where you will ultimately meet your demise - but before you telegrab, you hop over the Wilderness wall and return to safety, 200M richer. This is the point where, I make an uncharacteristically stupid move. I think, "Hey, why not, seems easy enough". The guy I was talking too had been hopping around a few worlds, and messages me to let me know he's found someone. I take a point and watch. Everything goes smoothly, and he's made 200M+ Now, at this point I owe my brother 160M for some Ascension bows that I lost a while back, so see an opportunity to make some easy money, so I set about waiting. I finally get a message from someone, and I hop and meet him in a different world. We run through the steps at a dummy level, hop over the wilderness wall, establish a safe buffer, and he asks me to cast a telegrab spell to make my character turn and face him. Everything works fine and dandy, and we return to the bank. So, I withdraw my Santa, Nox Bow and Nox Staff as asked. We pay a quick visit to Mr Ex to give myself a skull as asked, and drain my prayers. His alternate account trades me some 10 Cursed Energy (which works as a teleblock) and hop over the wilderness wall. At this point, again, I am asked to cast telegrab on him, so I do. I then find myself being propelled towards the group of people sat behind that tree, and get killed before I have a chance to kiss my beloved Santa goodbye. I've now lost just under 900M within a matter of seconds. I walk away and have dinner, contemplating what to do next. I consider buying bonds to make everything back, (which, at 21p per mill, would cost me £189), but decide against it. I look through my bank, sure enough, there's some dusty melee equipment that I don't ever use, and some misc items, 120 Firemaking logs, Clue loots and so on. I've got enough to buy back my bow, so I do so. I complete whatever clues I've got stored away in the hope of a quick dye to make it all back, but no luck. After much debating, I've decided that the first thing I need to do, is get the Golden Gold Accumulator, and set about camping at Godwars Bosses. Getting the titles is something I've always wanted to do, so why not make the best of a bad situation and go for this. The only downside is, this cost 1,500,000 tokens. At this point, I was only on about 600,000. So I spend a day doing large floors, and claw my way up to 1,000,000, in between Farming runs to steadily build the cash balance up. I also seize the opportunity to attempt money making methods that I've never tried before, and will detail these in my next blog. As for now, and for a constant reminder to myself and anyone else, if anyone ever approaches you with a "Get Rich Quick" plan that involves Dangerous areas, your Valuable items, or anything else, no matter how safe it can seem, it probably isn't...
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    I miss the clan community here. Most fun I ever had on the internet. If it was back I'd drop everything and play Runescape several hours a day again. Getting paid $20 when I voted for Guitarguy as DM wasn't bad either.
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    The bill fouses on catching people out and hoping people just don't opt out so there is more organs to help save lives. It's the wrong approach. As difficult as it is to find the right match for a donated organ and as long as the list is doesn't mean you should just adjust your tactic to catch people out. If you want to do it properly you make people more aware that they can opt in. Perhaps you remind people every couple of years. Better still, inform people of the good they will be doing, reassure them. Better than that in places like the US, offer them a tax relief or something as a thank-you for being kind enough to offer their body up. Or you know, give them money off their medical bills. Or help with their insurance. No idea how it works in the netherlands.
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    I like your family crest, here's mine as far as I can tell. I'm also from the UK, down in the south west of England. As a genealogist what websites/research methods would you recommend for someone trying to research their family. I tried ancestry and another website but there is barely any information available on family past my grandparents.
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    Good God... Welcome back gretmatter :D Hope you get your first account back!
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    You seem like a pretty interesting guy. I know a description of my family crest but I don't have a picture. :(

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