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    i come back to sals for 1 day and yuanrang becomes admin this truly is a cursed land
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    There was a moment of viewing a topic. I saw this flash of orange as my heavy eyes scrawled over a post. "Ah, Lilshu, probably," I thought. I continued scrolling, quicker and quicker, when I spotted the letter Y. Confusion set upon me quicker than lockdown gripped the world. Finally, I rested my eyes firmly on the text I had so absentmindedly scrolled past. Yuanrang, Forum Admin. So strange to my eyes and yet so familiar. The man I know, perfect to take on such a task, albeit years later than it should have been, finally, where he belongs. I don't know if congratulations are the best word to describe the scenario you find yourself in, but if one man can and will wear the metaphorical hat, it is wise that you are that such man. Well done, I am sure you will maintain the ship whilst it sits in the dockyard.
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    We should move this to the announcements section. No need to add “Congratulations to…” because that would not adequately communicate our bleak despair.
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    Now now, this could be a classic case of Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc. ...or you have somehow started Armageddon, and humanity will forever curse your name forevermore in the far-flung future.
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    @Kingy @The Enigma @Steve @Cookthechef @Andyana @Zooey @Arrogance @Beret @Prashanna @Desireful @gazisere @Un0 @Un_t0uch @Celtic @MRC @Haru @Venomblood @venom @Teh Crappy @Doom @Kwinten @Topdog @SlashingUK @Pixel Bunnie @Master Neverdead @Phoenix Rider @Kittenblob @Entrility @Falcon @Adam? @Jethraw @Tabt @Doddsy @iToast @Cxkslei @Lily Haaron @Merch Gwyar @Lee M16 @ZacharyB @Kesthetic @Micael Fatia @Sofee @As @Twist of Fate @Mr FANG @Whiskas @Nitua @Finway @Synapsi @Army of One @chaosor @Fabis @reepicheep @wartoc @Sk8skull @Ambo100 @Old Ben @Evin290 @heb0 @Jnr J @Common Sense @iSlam @King Of Monra @lord earth13 @Speedwagon @zellychan @Arborus @Ambo100 @Chaoss There's so many people I'm forgetting about. Perks of growing ancient I suppose.

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