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    During these trying times, going to the grocery store is almost as dangerous as venturing into the Wilderness.
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    So I've been pretty quiet recently, and that's not the fault of anyone here. Life ticks on and mine has been doing that. I stopped running my own business after the shop's bills were so astronomically high that finding profit was getting more and more difficult. I started working for a DIY/Hardware store in the UK, got promoted, and I'm working towards another promotion. 2019 saw the birth of my son Zachary, an absolute diamond of a baby boy and the best thing to ever happen to me. Unfortunately, my relationship with my then-fiancee didn't quite work out. So back to being free and single, but I still have Zachary, and that's all that matters. I got fat, fatter than usual. So now I'm trying to cut back and be a good boy. I've got a boxing match coming up in March for charity, and that looks like it's going to be pretty epic.
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    congratz fellow old fart enjoy your dad joke license
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    Wow, 2020 and I still remember my password
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    double or triple your price, you are too cheap to be considered art by collectors also offer a custom print service where you will program their drawing some tips from an art collector ;)
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    this blog post is now where i just post prints because the graphics forum serves no purpose without @Fatalysm
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    hey zooey, good idea about prints that people will buy, because that means u will earn money.
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    Oh look it's not dead I'm happy
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    I think I'm doing this right
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    Haha, looks great Zooey. I used a text feature in Paint.NET to make the wave, frankly I'm not entirely sure how it works!
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    hay guise long time no post, here's a timelapse video of me sketching out Dharok in the crypts for fun. I did a digital version of it too if anyone wants to see that (SPOILER ALERT I AM still a GUY WHAT A TWIST) anyhoo anyone else remember SOTWs? I've still got all those files, would be fun to get that shizzle going again. @Fatalysm, ya the only GFXer left? @Sk8skull you're still here tho right?? good thing we didn't have tagging on the old ibpforum
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    34, congratulations you young whippersnapper
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    Truth is, the game was rigged from the start!
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    So, funny story. I saw the "runscape" app on my appstore and thought it would be interesting to search my old username - which led me to your post several years ago, regarding runescape relationships - which caused me to try and login to runescape - which was hell, by the way, considering I had to find a way to log into my old email address - and then I had to create an account on here just to be able to message you. In short - hey, how you been? Haven't seen you since the forest! - Kayla
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    Sal? Back? Where!? I too am sort of dipping my toes into Old School. There was something special about that game.
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    I really didn't want to see this comment die but it was dead-on-arrival.
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    This is the dumbest topic of the year. Congratulations.
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    hey everyone i drew our forums new mascot this took at least 11 days to do in photoshop with a drawing tablet
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    good luck on your goals zooey. makes me want to play ra again.

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