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    Druin (a young man named Jeffrey) passed by suicide the day this was posted. He had spent the last couple years of his life feeling extremely isolated as he came to grips with being gay and lacking supportive community. I was probably one of the last people he reached out to in the days before making his decision. I can't blame myself for it, nor do I think I could have talked him out of it, but even now I think of him a few times a month and strive to connect with my friends in the LGBT+ community. Often they need us more than we can ever know. Please, if you read this, reach out and say hi to someone who may be having a hard time. Do it in honor of Jeffrey, and in honor of the Jeffries around the world who desperately need it. I'm not going to promise you'll save a life, but you'll brighten one - and that is just what is needed sometimes.
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    Forums have taken a big hit in the past ten+ years, and most of the reason why is because of the rise of "social media"--Facebook, Twitter, etc. Have you acclimated yourself to these new platforms, and do you still prefer forums? I know I might be preaching to the choir, but social media does not compare with forums. Forums are easy to use and seem to bring like-minded people together.
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    Please go read the rules.
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    What you're actually seeing is a level 92 ancient curse called soulsplit. To use it, you need to have level 92 prayer and have the Temple at Senntisten quest completed. It is used to heal a player for a certain percentage of the damage dealt to the target. A player using soulsplit has an overhead prayer with the icon you describe.
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    What's up Slammers
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    they are named yuan and rang cuz no matter how i will try i will always disappoint them
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    Hello There You're Invited to Join: True Crusaders Joke we are a semi-new clan! A few months old… looking for members to build with us! if that’s you! then please join or add me: FireFran We are a Friendly, social and relaxed Clan, we prefer 18+ due to the language in chat but we are a friendly clan that welcomes anyone doesn’t matter their level or membership. ¸„•°’ˆ Here's a bit more info if required ˆ’°•„¸ Tier 1 Citadel Discord Group up and Running Nice Easy-going Chat Diverse Community, Skillers, Killers and Just Chatters Strong Friendships between Ranks Nothing is Mandatory, even the Citadel We have F2P and P2P Clan Members `•.,¸¸,.•´¯ What we can offer ¯`•.,¸¸,.•´ Skilling Competitions Bossing/Minigame Events Every Week Fair Ranking System – Based on Points If you’re interested in True Crusaders Joke your welcome to join our clan as a guest or your welcome to add me! FireFran Clan Deputy Owner: Fran
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    Anyone still log? I miss sals. I still play. OS. Come to Friends chat! (cc) How is everyone? Anyone rich as hell? Just say some random stuff. i miss dragon sal z. Someone find adam. Feel free to add me. ( B0b2oo0 )
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    If this is inappropriate - apologies, I just find comfort in identifying and relating, perhaps contributing to Druin/Elit's legacy. I definitely remember seeing him around as a <15 year old. Looking at his lastfm profile, his last song on this day was from Snow Patrol. I love that album - I would hope that his last moments were peaceful. Well wishes to his family and friends. Echoing Yuan's above post, especially `do not be a bloody fool, and get someone to talk to. The voices, the guilt and the issues will not go away`, coming from someone who was in quite a similar situation. Life can be so great, and trying to spend it alone is not worth it. It can be so much better - even if it means a lifetime of work. I think my post here is falling upon the ears of quite level-headed folks, but yeah. The topic of "how do you help out your friends?" is something I'd love to talk about, casually asking about the well-being of people can be seen as quite weird, I think (and perhaps not helpful at all asked in the wrong way?)
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    It's been quite a while since I last made a topic here... I recently found this screenshot taken 19th October 2006 and it made me wonder what everyone else might have lying around...
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    Tempest -vs- Revenant With high opts CWA in vogue, we've been really eager to prove our quality against top opponents in the arena. After a tight win against AF a week and a half ago, we were fully expecting Rev to come with their full might in a knockout fight. We lucked out and the turnout was almost identical from both sides, and once the challenge was made, we entered the portal focused on putting forward our best performance yet. Round 1 The start was hotly contested with the lead flipping back and forth a few times. We ended up having some great tanks in the middle of the round, while David picked off some piles that were standing right beside us, allowing us to build a slender gap. With a small lead of only two or three, it remained a closely contested battle until the numbers lowered, and we pulled away with Rev leaving CC. Round 2 This round worked a little more in our favour, with insane tanks from the likes of epa, Honour Clan, Wonder Woman -- including a full map drag from dickballs when it was still close -- we were able to able to chisel away a numbers advantage early on and build the gap for a strong ending number finish. Round3 This round started with our buttchecks clenched, as Rev opened up a 4-5 kill advantage early doors. We thought all hope may be lost, but insane calling from David picking off rangers and mages that were standing one or two tiles out of the clump resulted in a lot of 1-ticks mid round. We ended up having two people tank too far north so would like to apologize for that. Regardless, we opened up a gap and managed to win quite comfortably in the end. Thank you to Rev who are the most stern challenge we get to face. Despite what the numbers look like in the screenies, the rounds were extremely competitive. Hope to have more fights like this because they make both sides better.
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    Didn't you make Ambo's forums back in the day? I think I was part of it lol
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    Please stop that.
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    Still going strong :)
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    Although this thread is very old, but I want to write that I think the book is deeper, and during the adaptation, important details are lost and the plot line is distorted, I do not like watching movies after reading the book before, I constantly compare.
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    Apologies for bringing up a topic from the dead but the link for the discord has changed, it can now be found here: http://discord.gg/ezxezby Giving the server a new-year face lift tonight, more people are welcome, still quite a few people chatting it up. Love to see more :) Thanks
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    HELP. Keep getting error messages :(.
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    This is amazing my man. Congratulations! Quite the achievement!
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    To all returning members, please stay 6 posts away from my posts.
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