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    ... but men do, through the roads they walk." - Me just now, blatantly stealing from Fallout And my road changed, and took me away from this place I spent so much time in as a teen and a young man. How long as it been? Probably half a decade only, and yet it feels it's been so much longer. I came here out of nostalgia, answering a question my future fiancé asked me about how I learned my English. I immediately thought of RuneScape, but more specifically of Sal's and the good times I spent here. The fun people, the drama, the competitions. Man I did miss this place. I wonder who's still around or even remembers me? I used to be cool I think. At least that's how I prefer to remember my times here. But I can easily admit looking back without bias that I was also tremendously cringe at some points, and immature beyond words. I prefer to believe I had a positive impact in this community though, the same way the community impacted me. Hope you're all faring well, and remain safe in this time of crisis. With the pandemic and all. Stay well friends. Miss you.
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    Sal's had been so intertwined with young me's development for so long it's funny to me how I'm still drawn to make this post even though it's been like three and a half years since my last one. In that time I've become a homeowner, gotten married, adopted a dog, and yet nothing drew a post out of me til now. Coming up on a year ago now the pieces slid into place for me and I saw the clearest picture of myself to date. In my first few years here as a freshly minted member I was a proud witness to more than a few forumers finding themselves and it's only taken me a decade to catch up. Sometimes I can only shake my head at young me but then again, who am I to judge? I forget how long ago it was but at one point this year I made a semi-subtle status update alluding to the subject of this post but deleted it after being surprised by a facebook chat invite to a group of slammers. Real life name meets internet folk, you know how it goes. So I guess this is take two? I'm split between sharing a fundamental part of myself with a scattered group I considered friends and the status quo of shutting in. But today was rough for me, all I want to do is eat again or watch more Netflix. And I'm just about out of whiskey. There’s this weird duality where it feels like I’ve had to grow up so fast while dealing with doctors and insurance for the first time, and yet I’m experiencing at the same time the rollercoaster of self-discovery and emotions I would’ve associated with middle school. Whether it's today with you or a year from now with literally everyone else, I'll have to get used to trusting in people's goodness. And so, with more time on my hands than ever, I ask this one question: do you think there's a prominent trans slammer I might have been aware of? You know, asking for a friend.
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    The kid is almost 6 already and very much into minecraft atm, which is good because it's hard to keep kids busy during lockdown while you are supposed to work from home...
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    After all these years you are still the same insufferable, annoying and yet lovable all the same Guitarguy who can't get my name right. God damnit! Omg Sobend my dude! How's everything! You are by far one of the people I missed the most. Good times! And who are you, the proud lord said Leo! So nice to see you're still around! The person who took over my position as the top PvPer here. I missed all the fun stuff we used to do and talk about! Hope you're still kicking butt in the Wilderness. Howdy Chaoss! It's amazing you're still around too. I feel you've been here since forever. Part of the furniture! Oh my gosh this dude! How's family life going Eggy? I bet the kid's a young man (or woman, I forgot. Sorry!) now. You gotta tell me how everything's progressing. Soon enough I'll be having a family of my own and any tips would be amazing! Howdy Flames. Nice to see you popping back for a visit too. Oh please, like you weren't the moderator who liked me the most and even one of the people around with the most patience with me. Hahaha! Miss you a lot Yuan! You were like a mentor to me here, even if you never took the role. All I wanted was to be a good role model like you were.
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    Well, I suppose that means that at least one person thought so!
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    Today is my first time logging on in a very long time just reminiscing about all the good times on this forum. I remember all the signature request threads when the guys who were good at Photoshop would make whatever everyone asked for. I thought about the progress bars in my signature too when I was working on 99 Fletching haha! A lot has changed since then it seems. Especially RuneScape itself. It's nothing like the game I use to play. I definitely remember your username, Sobend, Chaoss and Egghebrecht. Hope all of you are doing well. Any of you guys still play? Moved on to other games?
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    I was just talking about you yesterday with Uther on Runescape. HI!!!!!!!!!
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    you misspelled "Michael" noob
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    Not that I want to be cynical but I believe Jagex have been doing this to RS3 for years.
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    damn lmao they found the one articulate post from 17 year old kam
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    Sal fixed the forums! You should no longer be getting error messages when clicking on things like profiles.
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    funny thing, I just reached legend rank in hearthstone yesterday so yeah moved to other games haven't played any runescape since that epic leaving drop party and apparently there is no auto merge anymore
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    No worries Wilt, I had quite a bit of nostalgia seeing a lot of familiar names there. Some of them seemingly living somewhat close to me too. It was quite the blast from the past, as short as I made it. I’m often finding myself missing the sense of community I had in sal’s back in the day, within the last year uniquely even more so. It doesn’t help that on average my coworkers are 10 years minimum older than me, and in different places in their lives than me as well. Hell, that’s probably true across the industry for all I know. And for a while now the vast majority of my friends have scattered in pursuit of their own lives. It puts me at an odd place in my life with so few connections, barring family. So yeah, the good ol’ rusty sals blog it is.
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    Hey Flames! I haven't played the scapes in years. I had a bunch of 99s and a lot of wealth on RS3 by the time Old School came out, which I ended up liking more, but starting from scratch just seemed like too much work. I don't have time to grind these days... one of the only reasons I had 99's in RS3 was because it became "EasyScape". I miss it though. I basically play video games one night a week with my buds from home as a way to keep in contact since I moved to another state. We mostly play CS:GO, and we've been stuck at Silver 1-2 for the past 5 years. Recently my fiancee and I got a Switch and I've been playing the hell out of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Amazing game... if my work hours weren't reduced due to coronavirus I'd probably lose sleep over it.
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    that looks tight Zoo!
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    ok i'm learning slowly but you guys will be my next prints thanks!! it's a matter of edge tracing and picking out single colors to know where/what to trace here's what i just did
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    u should persue it!
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    i have vowed to stop eating bats until this whole thing blows over
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    Vote: Cameron time for lynching
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    If I recall correctly, Macki had the waving arms. You're onto something. Lilshu right now...
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