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    If you're looking for a place to connect with new players or reconnect with older community members, stop by the Sal's Realm Discord at THIS LINK. We have many old and new members of the community on this Discord, and not all are here on the forum. On the discord, we not only coordinate in-game events, we also stream them through the platform. If you are keen on showing off your singing voice, we have three voice chats ("Falador Park" "Varrock Square" and "Ardougne Tavern"). If you're looking for active in-game chats on RuneScape 3 and Old School RuneScape, visit the following-- RuneScape 3 -- the "Sals Realm" clan chat The official RuneScape 3 Sal's Realm clan chat. How to Join Click the community icon on the interface: Click the clan chat list icon: You should now see a list. On the bottom right, click the green dot (in between the orange and red dots). Click the speech bubble with a plus sign then type in "Sals Realm." You should now find yourself in the clan chat! From here, you can stay as a guest or ask for an invitation. If you are a guest, you will need to place three forward slashes ("///") to send your message to the chat. If you are a member of the clan, you only need two. Old School RuneScape -- the "Sals Realm" chat There's also an Old School clan chat. Special thanks to Heb0 for providing these instructions: You can join by navigating to the chats tab, then searching under the clans subtab for "Sals Realm". This will let you join the chat as a guest. You can join the clan one of two ways: 1. Ask a current member to turn "Invite Applications" on in the clan. If nobody is online, you can PM me or a deputy owner on discord. This is a world-specific action, so you will have to hop to their world or they to yours. You can then request to join via the clan settings menu, and they can then approve your application 2. Meet a current member on their world. They can use their clan banner on you to invite you to the clan. You must have "Accept Aid" on for this to work.
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    awesome, currently sketching out your name in this style I have an amazing sparkly gold pen for this, currently figuring out using different pens and how to plot everything out correctly. I'll add you in, thanks!! thansk for the submision sobned. i I got back to town and spent some time trying to move stuff around, I clearly have a lot of fixing-up to do of my SVG creation and pen coordinates/spacing, but rough status (Morte intersection/difference needs fixing, I don't have good micron pens for Sofee, ugh, so many problems) After I get everything fixed up I'll start reaching out / and/or adding in re-done entries from the first guestbook, cuz I did an awful job
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    I can’t believe Adam? talked me into going afk for years in order to force the time skip arc.
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    There is no reviving Sal's. Do you not get it? I killed the forum. I killed you all. There is no hope. There are no more heroes. All that remains are the mangled corpses beneath my feet, and the broken skulls shattered amongst the remains. You all failed. This is not a fairy tale where good triumphs over evil, nor could good ever amount for anything when it is championed by spineless fools. I have, and shall forevermore, reign supreme. That is the natural order of the universe. ----------------------------- On a less dramatic, and far more personal, note, I think it is time that we peer-pressure Adam? into coming out of retirement so he can finally finish his masterpiece. This brilliant story of a young and plucky hero, having to overcome being harrassed by so many cruel do-good'ers and ne'er-do-wells, and obtain his goal for Forum (and World!) domination deserves to be finished. Besides, I think few things are as monumentally meme-worthy and unifying to our community as Dragon Sal Z was. The decades of nostalgia, and our forgotten brothers and sisters, call out to you Adam?. They cry for a finish to laughs started, and stories left unfinished. You have made us wait for too long. Rise up and fulfill your destiny by finishing the story! ...If nothing more because you have at least one fan in me waiting patiently, even if I might not ever have said that out loud. I guess it is time to take off the gloves and say it, in the same manner that it is time for you to buckle down and finish your magnum opus.
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    Two of my most prized RuneScape related possessions were made here, by two extremely talented women of Sal's Realm: @zellychan and @Cresenne! (I hope I got your tags correct) Both were (and likely still are!) amazing artists, capable of turning into amazing pieces of art anything you requested of them using only their pens and imagination. I've used and abused their amazing gifts here and every other RuneScape forum, ranking as my top used signatures online, anywhere. Words cannot express how grateful I am that they sacrificed their time to make a relatively unknown at the time RuneScape player (and noob) this happy. Santa hats off to the two of you. The first piece shows my RuneScape character in a Clan War, sporting 3xtermination (a Sal's based clan) colors (red), 'tanking' enemies from a green capped clan. White medium hair, because in my youth I was a huge fan of Devil May Cry and Dante. Zamorak armor because the lore lover in me enjoyed showcasing my preferrences when it came to the Gods. And because, let's face it, it was mad stylish. The second piece was done years later, and shows my evolution as a RuneScape player from your basic "F2P PKer / Clanner" to all around PvPer claded in P2P mage armour. The switch in combat style came with my love for the skill of Magic, which quickly became my favourite combat skill and area of expertise. Magic was never made to be viable as a single combat skill in the F2P version, with it being only useful during clan wars with the added protection numbers provided. P2P on the other hand, it was deadly, cool and very satisfying.
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    The first level 99 I've ever achieved. 99 Woodcutting. I had a small party attended by Sal's members, and an adequately small drop party (for a poor player) to celebrate. July 24th of 2011 is the earliest date I can find associated to the screenshot, but it could be older considering I began my RuneScape career in 2005. 6 years seems too long for my first 99, so 2011 is possibly the oldest recorded modification to the image.
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    Zooey warms my heart. Which is impressive seeing as its been cold and dead for a long time now.
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    an exceptional banner and gift
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    I thought I'd ruin jokes / references by going through all of DSZ 42 and calling out everything that I crammed in there. Keep track of how many you got right to see how much of a true Salmon you are!! Formatted like this: page # and panel #. So 4.8 means page 4 panel 8!! #1 - 1.3 - my name hitting you with some deep lore right off the bat with my therapist referring to me by my actual forum name #2 - 1.4 - Goliath in painting this is goliath he first appeared in DSZ #4 and is the best person to ever join Sals #3 - 2.3 - therapist notes here you can see i was obsessed with my warning level and post count on sal because they were publicly displayed and status was very important!! #4 - 2.11 - getting old and dying quarterly im reading getting old and dying quarterly while drinking some old person drink like early grey tea or mud with leaves in it #5 - 3.2 - hat sale free hat is a reference to when morte was in DSZ for two panels and the hats are the same colors as all the pips that mattered on sals. a few panels later i pick the dm one because i cam constantly haunted by losing my dm rank!! #6 - 5.1 - tinypic all of the original dsz pics were lost because tinypic stopped existing. this stupid frown face man haunts the forum and is a metaphor for our crumbling society!! #7 - wayback machine back when i got access back to my sals account in Feb, fatalysm and i went on a mission to try to recover as much of dsz as we could. he was able to use the wayback machine to get some episodes, but not all of them. then we found a post by dad where he dumped literally everything and luckily used a different hosting site which is the only reason why the episodes weren't lost forever #8 - 10.9 - omgoodness man and dwar (and the rest of the nefarious gillis crew by extension) would say this a lot on irc for some reason. idk i miss them #9 - 12.2 - yare yare daze goliath should have been the hero of this story im such a dummy #10 - 15.7 - bowls 4 sale in real life beret makes and sells luxury hookah bowls which you can buy in real life use my code at checkout to get 20% off your first order they look better than my drawing #11 - 15.8 - sals is broken zooey almost dies here because members were / are getting randomly banned on sals because of the crumbling forum infrastructure. this is barely a joke many people were ip banned for no reason #12 - 16.8 - sals discord theres a sals discord you can join!! #13 - 18.2 - covid lots of sals members started playing runescape again because of the novel coronavirus that sparked a global pandemic in march 2020 and has been ruining our lives ever since but at least i got level 88 in woodcutting #14 - 18.8 - Gnostic Christian Bishop debate rages to this day over whether or not GCB was a random insane person or a distressingly dedicated troll account. he exists on dozens of other forums with hundreds of posts and they're all the same format. he is the strangest member ive ever seen on sals #15 - 20.1 - the throne of the banned most of the major characters who died in dsz are here 1. doddsy 2. fini 3. xrvn 4. mr e 5. sryen 5 again (oops). fshi 6. whitey 7. vera 8. macki 9. gillis 10. jack nicholson 11. elli 12. redmonke 13. anthem ko
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    Here I am making light of the entire concept of this blog post by highlighting obvious things that couldn't be considered references or jokes. It doesn't seem to be a very healthy way to approach something I made and is inherently a defensive posture this is some self deprecating humor to make me seem approachable and definitely not self obsessed these get into the deep sadness I felt when I saw all of DSZ was gone and then the joyous redemption of being able to restore them DSZ is still an anime parody you know these are sals forum / discord references that like 12 people in the world would understand some good old fashioned references to whats happening on the forum i hope that helped you understand!!
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    All glory to the HypnoTabt!
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    There's a "Sals" discord shared by former forum members, the RS3 clan as well as the OSRS clan. If anyone wants a link feel free to message me for it!
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    If you want to view the entire thing, you can now do so! I posted it on discord but forgot to post it here! https://runescaping.com/dragon-sal-z/
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    Make mine: "Look Zooey, I don't care what you write. Stop bothering me!" -Sobend
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    I have put a placeholder in the next plot, and I think it's perfect if you don't want to say something like... "CANTING FOR LIFE"? I'd do that if I was cool enough to ever have been in Canting ;-p I am searching high and low for a perfect font and render for you, I'll be spending some time on this. I was thinking about some type of metal font (fshi got Nine Inch Nails) but I'm trying to think of a EU/Belgian-appropriate design for you.. maybe in style of a font from a Heffeweisen/Kolsch beer? have a favorite brew maybe? Thanks y'all for entertaining me, @heb0 I'll be sketching out what you describe with exact precision this coming week while I'm in CO snowboarding this week. If I can't get you picture-perfect, every new version I'll just color in your tree differently (the woodcutting rework will eventually be implemented, I'm sure of it) V2 pre-print as I move stuff around and learn how to bulk-print with my robot
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    Here's my first day impression. The PC performance is completely fine and the game is incredible. I'm blown away by how much there is to do. The overworld is full of incredible shizzle and the small dungeons are quick diversions that give you variety. Torrent is the best mount I've used in a game. The variety in area design is staggering. I'm overwhelmed. My hype was out of control and at worst it's been met. Everyone should play this game.
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    Hi Zooey!! Okay so I'm thinking like, "heb0" in a bold but tasteful old english font, and then behind that it has cannons with fireballs shooting out of them which are gradually morphing into a dragon on one side and a eagle on the other. and the eagle is holding satan in his (eagle is male) claws and satan has a tattoo on his arm that says "article I, section II, clause III" and on the other side the dragon is looking into a mirror but instead of his reflection staring back at him it's jerome powell except it's not, i mean like it's him but he looks different you know? and he has a speech bubble above his head but you can't make out what it says. And at the edges of the flames they're slowly turning into rain but you get the sense they're actually tears which are raining down on a endless plain of fertile soil, which a lifelike version of my osrs character is digging in. And next to him it says "74 farming, 68 herblore, 103 combat, 1640 total level" in a vibrant font so it stands out. I would like it limited to 40x40 pixels so that it doesn't take up so much room, though.
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    hello! I remember Adam?, you must be an old battler like me! I'm just posting here because it's one of the only threads with activity, but I randomly thought of runescape, and then that I thought I once wrote a guide about something that got published on the site. And I had a sleuth and its still there! 15 years later BEHOLD: https://runescape.salmoneus.net/tips/wilderness-survival-guide.html#rune_rock_mining Im sure its even more irrelevant than it was back then, but good on Sal for still paying the bill each month. Shame I cant even log in to my RS account anymore and no chance I care enough to follow that up :lol: shout out to @Arianna @Yuanrang @Salmoneus hello edit- I just read that guide and christ I really knew my rune mining back then. great escape tips
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    Sal's Realm Old School Castle Wars Event Team Santafish Vs Squirtle Squad Far from the high attendance standards of the Sal's of old, these events hosted roughly a decade ago were the final days of Sal's activity, when we could still pull a small but consistent group of people to attend fun events. This event, an Old School Castle Wars competition between teams Santafish (led by Salmoneus) and it's rivals the Squirtle Squad (led by Micael Fatia) was possibly one of the final few times Salmoneus himself attended an event. Needless to say we all had a blast. My pictures have been copied and transferred multiple times, so it's hard to find an accurate date of creation for these screenshots. The oldest date associated to them I could find was March 4th of 2013, nearly 10 years ago, but it's potentially older than that.
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    As the first entry I'll use a piece of artwork made by @Zooey. Zooey and I didn't know each other that well all things considered, but from my part I can say he was someone I grew to respect a lot and consider a Sal's friend. He was always willing to create cool signatures and avatars for me, without asking for anything or much at all in return. A tremendously nice person and Sal's user to have around. In this one in particular Zooey highlighted my background as Sal's resident F2P PKer/PvPer, as well as my involvement in the Clan World of RuneScape. In all my years as a RunesScape player and Sal's user, I've had countless avatars and signatures made specifically for me. Many of them of considerable high quality, which I plan to share here in the blog in the future, in another nostalgic entry or multiples. And yet, this piece is the one I choose to represent the blog as it truly captures the essence of who I was as a RuneScape player: a PvPer of the minor F2P leagues, and Clan World aficionado. Many thanks Zooey!
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    I approve of the addition to the right side of this image.
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    RIP DSZ, still got the whole saga saved somewhere I'm sure... Good to see y'all again okay imgru and photobucket wont let me upload properly/in order, hopefully if I drop the whole album here it won't have major repercussions... it's only like 200kb/img... but there's like 150+ images... can i add spoiler tags to attached images? idk modern formatting really sorry if this huge upload causes problems i just thought it'd be appreciated okay, warning, literaly all 41 episodes of dsz in tag
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    Difference is, Cher kicks butt with it! :D If Cher corrected her voice pitch like she corrected her facial features, not one note of the original song would remain

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