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  1. Ancient Cavalry

    Frosts :(

    Didin't Jagex say they would deal with the bots with the come back of free trade back in February? It's nearly May now. :D
  2. Ancient Cavalry

    Under 35min Dungeons

    If you're having trouble memorizing which door is where, try using the developer's console (the ~ button) to write down the locations.
  3. Ancient Cavalry


    The way I see it, there are two possible explanations: 1. Everyone is panicing and runes are dropping like everything else. 2. People realized that with free trade, there will be more bots because of the incredible ease of transfering wealth to another account. Also, "rune running" will make a return, which will also more than likely greatly increase the supply of runes.
  4. Ancient Cavalry

    Need A Movie.

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  5. Ancient Cavalry


    Abyssal demons aren't that great. Sure, if you're lucky enough to get a whip, they're worth quite a bit. Though, they're so rare you'd make more money off of dragons. Although, as a slayer assignment, they are very good because of that chance for a whip. :D
  6. Ancient Cavalry

    I Have The Power!

    After over 6 years I finally have maxed combat. If I wasn't so poor I would of got from 95-96 prayer alot sooner. :D
  7. Ancient Cavalry

    Glitchy Topic

    What is this "gravity" of which you speak? Where's the bank?
  8. Ancient Cavalry

    The Return Of Air/law Running.

    Hah, I remember this. Although I was never rich enough to actually make the runes, and instead did the running. :D
  9. Ancient Cavalry

    Serum 207 And The Scroll Of Cleansing

    The scroll does save the secondary. Although, you add a tarromin to an ash potion (unf), so wouldn't that make the tarromin the secondary? Either way, I've hard alot that many potions don't save the secondary ingredient (apperantly when making ext strength you keep the super strength potion), and I've heard that with super prayers you don't save anything. :D
  10. Vote Quimby. I personally voted no. I despise scamming (getting scammed, and seeing it). I mean, I never really get scammed myself (except that one time when I was a newby), but when everyone and their grandmother tries to scam you, it just gets old. Remember that guthans spear/leaf bladed spear scam? Trying to get full guthans before the GE was a nightmare. I'm also curious as to why Jagex is even considering bringing back the wildy/free trade? Didn't they get rid of it to stop RWT? Kind of hypocritical of them if you ask me. :D I wonder if there'll be an army of lvl 3's taking up all the resources like before?
  11. Ancient Cavalry

    Serum 207 And The Scroll Of Cleansing

    What ingredient does the scroll of cleansing save when making serum 207? I was wondering because I've heard that for each potion the ingredient that is saved is different, so I was hoping for some verification about the serum. Thanks. :D
  12. Ancient Cavalry

    Should I Sell My Full Bandos Or Keep?

    Hoarders are mass selling top level gear now :D So it's going to crash :( Hmm, I thought that the crash was just panic, but that could very well be the cause of this as well (which I hope it isn't, because I'm counting on the prices to rebound XD)
  13. Ancient Cavalry

    Under What Circumstances Should A Human Fetus Be Aborted?

    I believe a child should only be aborted in a confirmed case of rape, should the victim choose abortion. The reason being that she never asked for it and shouldn't have to live with the responsibilities of raising a child, should she wish. Otherwise, careless couples would just get an abortion every 9 months, which isn't owning up to the responsibilities of their actions. If you don't want a child, then you shouldn't be having sex. Is it possible to even tell if a child will have a gentic disorder for sure before they're born? I've never really given this point much thought because I've always assumed a child had to be born to find out. But in such a case, I believe only children with paticularily dehabilitating disorders (Huntington's Disease, for example) should have the option to be aborted, and disorders that can be treated well with medications should not be allowed to be aborted.
  14. Ancient Cavalry

    Teacher = Dumb

    It looks like we still have a long way to go until everyone is considered as equals.
  15. Ancient Cavalry

    Training Range From 80, And Had Some Questions.

    1) I'd recommend you don't. Chinning in general is a waste, but if money isn't an issue, then you can chin at any time. I think the short-range fuse is best to use. 2) Red has a higher range attack (not sure about strength), so red is more than likely better. 3) Slayer is great if speed isn't an issue. If you want the level faster, then you could go with Tz-haar Kets. The obsidian items will add up and you can save up tokkul for an onyx (which is near 20m last I checked). The only catch is that you get no charms for summoning.

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