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  1. Anorectic

    Lucid Dreaming...

    This is but ONE of the techniques. the WILD, Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming. What you described is a very, very rough description. Lying on your back is not a necessity, it's mainly for not making you falling asleep. There doesn't necessarily have to be an itching, but it's usually an uncomfortability. The reason to why your body starts feeling uncomfortable is that your unconscious mind is testing if you are asleep or not, by making you uncomfortable. If you ignore the signal long enough, it will shut down your muscles and prepare you for sleep, but you are still awake, and can therefore slip into a dream. If you feel like you need to ignore the feelings for...a good 20 minutes or so, it's not worth trying it. Go to sleep. The WILD technique is best practiced after waking up around 4-8 AM. THis is a period in which you will return to REM-sleep if you decide to fall asleep again.
  2. Anorectic

    Say Something Negative About The Above Poster

    Old boot? I think not.
  3. Anorectic

    Lucid Dreaming...

    Stephen LaBerge was faced with this very task; this is what he did to prove it to be real: When we dream, (i.e enter REM sleep) the body is therefore paralyzed so that movements that are exercised in the dream are not done in real life. There is no full paralysis though, as muscles twitch according to what happens in the dream. This is the only external event of a dream. (choppy use of vocabulary, but i think you get it) LaBerge conducted an experiment based off this fact: he hooked himself up to a muscle activity machine, which would measure his movements during REM-sleep. Then he would perform a series of movements in the dream. The muscle activity corresponded to what he did in the dream. With this evidence, the world of science accepted lucid dreaming as a real phenomenon. Not sure if it really went like that, but it's something like that. He has described the experiment in the books, as has Robert Waggoner. I think the most important part is to try this yourself with an open mind, and be persistent about it. I assume you tried it once with a sceptical mind, and resulted in a failure. Motivation is very important in lucid dreaming. If you are sceptical about it, there really is no point in trying it out. You will guaranteedly fail if you think you will not have a lucid dream while attempting to have one.
  4. Anorectic

    Say Something Negative About The Above Poster

    Speak for yourself.
  5. Anorectic

    Say Something Positive About The Above Poster.

    Doesn't even have a warn to begin with.
  6. Anorectic

    Say Something Negative About The Above Poster

    You can not notice fine details in things.
  7. Anorectic


    Ah, I-doser. Last time this was discussed on Sals was a few years ago. While it is a bit placebo, yes, it is not a complete fake. I-doser uses something called binaural waves: A tone of 500 hz will be played in one ear, and a 510 hz tone will be played in the other. The brain activity level will tune into the difference between these frequencies, i.e 10 hz. The "static" noise commonly heard is most usually white noise, pink noise etc. Or commonly known as "static". Something worth to note however is that I-Doser is based off an open source program, SBaGen. Seeing as the people at I-doser are making money off another person's work...yeah, not too lightly taken by the maker of SBaGen.
  8. Anorectic

    Say Something Negative About The Above Poster

    Masochist. Whoever creates a thread in which you get insulted?
  9. /b/ gets pissed off and raids the final. Kittenblob and marriage.
  10. 0/10 Can't say the same for you. I don't think I'll be sticking around. EDIT: Unless you can tell me any other names you've gone under?
  11. Anorectic

    Lucid Dreaming...

    These are called reality checks. A very solid one is to look at your own hands. It works almost all the time, if not all the time. I want to point you all to a couple of websites, starting with www.ld4all.com A great site which explains lucid dreaming in detail and has a great community. Aswell as dreamviews.com . Basically the same thing. en.wikipedia.org/Lucid_Dreaming I think lucid dreaming hasn't been properly explained, so I'll try to explain it... Lucid dreaming is the art of becoming aware of the simple fact that you are dreaming while actually dreaming, thus allowing you to do WHATEVER YOU WISH inside the dream, regardless of physical and social rules! In simple terms, you can fly, shoot fireballs out of your hands (hadouken!) and much much more. Lucid dreaming doesn't just offer fun, but can help you gain insight about yourself, and prepare you for future events. I have only scraped the surface of the possibility of lucid dreaming. Although, I am quite inexperienced, seeing as I have had few lucid dreams, embarassingly enough. I know a good bit about the subject, though. Do join the sites in which I have pointed you to. Especially LD4all.
  12. Anorectic

    Should The Above Poster Change His Signature?

    I want to know how it was made. Keep.
  13. Anorectic

    Should The Above Poster Change His Avatar?

    Change. There is no such thing as a bear with heterochromia, less one with the same eye colors as Suiseiseki.

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