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  1. MitchDMX

    Dealing with winter

    It was about 80oF here so I went boating with a couple friends for a good 4 hours today. Needless to say, I'll be sunburnt this Christmas
  2. Might as well, the government's weak right now.
  3. MitchDMX

    How You Like Your Eggs

    Fertilized, lemme smang it gurl
  4. MitchDMX

    Christmas Avatars

    Can I has one too?
  5. MitchDMX

    Rejuvenate overpowered?

    I'm not sure if that is right, but even if it was it wouldn't make rejuvenate less powerful. There is not a big difference between 1 second and 10 seconds. Either way you don't need to have shield in your combat setup to use rejuvenate, which goes against what the Jagex creators *probably* had in mind. I looked at rejuvinate a bit like the replacement of the ee special attack. In the old combat system, people who had the stats for the ee could do many slayer tasks without/little food. Now it's no different, but just using an ultimate ability instead of 100% of the special attack bar :P
  6. MitchDMX

    Rejuvenate overpowered?

    I thought you had to have the shield equipped for the whole amount of time the ability is activated, and that if you took it off sooner, you wouldn't get healed all the way. Correct me if im wrong :s
  7. MitchDMX

    kyra's signature shop

    woohoo! thanks! I can tell you did a good job cause it's illegible
  8. MitchDMX

    kyra's signature shop

    Name that the signature will be of:Mitch A general feeling (don't be too specific!!!!!):Kinda like a doctor's handwriting lol How extravagant you want it to be: not too fancy, but if you could do it in a dark red that'd be awesome! :)
  9. MitchDMX

    Behind the Scenes: November

    inb4rageoverrarescrashing If anything, shouldn't rares get more expensive due to their new use? Well, it depends on how this is going to work. If borrowed items can be reskinned, then some1 could just pay the 10-500k for an hour for w/e rare, and boom, they instantly have a rare on their head. who would pay the 2 bill for a party hat when you can pay the 500k and effectively have the same thing? if borrowed items can't be used, then people will buy rares, and just resell them after..eventually there won't be a need for rares. But this is just speculation, and we don't even know how Jagex will release this "reskinning" Tbh, it sounds to me like it'll only work for items you own that are in your bank, so you don't have to risk a partyhat to go nexing in style ;)
  10. MitchDMX

    Instakill Dart

    You could ask for millions to drop them somewhere, and make your money that way :)
  11. MitchDMX

    Bonus XP Weekend calcing question

    Does this mean that prayer will also receive a 2x bonus?
  12. MitchDMX

    God Wars: Remastered

    Does anyone know what the amulets are?
  13. MitchDMX

    Sizzling Summer

    Used it on summoning too, went from 70 to 74 in about 5 minutes. Using the other 750k to get 79 Summoning and a heck of a lot closer to dat uni :)
  14. MitchDMX

    Bronze Dagger Is Extremely OP

    Dude that's just awesome. What song did you use?
  15. MitchDMX

    Too Much Treasure? Boost Your Bank!

    I'll probably just wait until they can be bought in the Loyalty Shop, that way it's free :P

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