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    Talking to people from all over the world<br />Feel free to add me on msn and chat :P

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  1. Colinross

    Nick Griffin On Question Time?

    I did find it funny how they spent the best part of 50 minutes attacking Griffin because of his and his parties' views. Then finished it up with a point about how the Daily Mail had the right to put whatever they wanted in the paper... Double standards can be oh so amusing
  2. Colinross

    Sal's Halo Legion // Halo 4!

    Not Halo movie trailer, just a live action short made for promoting the release of Halo 3 Plus ODSTs are in Halo 2 so there's no "surprise" about seeing the name in a Halo 3 ad campaign... Nevertheless, good find :/
  3. Colinross

    Sal's Halo Legion // Halo 4!

    Beat me to it :/ Trailer looks awesome... Tried so damn hard to avoid all ODST related things, but now I jsut want to play it
  4. Colinross

    Sal's Halo Legion // Halo 4!

    I just think it's really funny that you come here saying that when it's the most played game on XBL ever. And I disagree with most of what you said too. I won't deny that that stuff happens, but it definitely doesn't control entire matches like you seem to assume. Like in any competitive match, you will probably get a terrible spawn and lose the game to bunch of bks. Good examples: Spawning mauler\shotgun side on CTF Pit when the other team in on training and green box. You pretty much lost if this happens. If you were lucky, you'd spawn sniper side, pick it up, and get an easy overkill on snipe tower. CTF Narrows plays similarily where you spawn near backstage and get spawn killed and lose. Happens often in slayer NArrows. Guardian has a poor map set up so if you spawn green you're gonna be naded by a bunch of bks and die instantly. Construct slayer, you spawn bottom and are forced to lift yellow and get stuck by stickies when you could have spawned top gold and won the match. All luck by spawn. In saying that, the fun I get from Halo is using the not as powerful weapons you have on hand to try and get the better of those with the power weapons... Not saying it's easy, but damn it makes you feel good when you take out someone with a sniper when using a magnum or a nice sticky Anyways, I play for fun, not to win.... Though my competitive side generally gets in the way when it comes to Halo
  5. Colinross

    Sal's Halo Legion // Halo 4!

    Missing playing with you and random banter
  6. Colinross

    Sal's Halo Legion // Halo 4!

    Pretty epic Saw it on someone's fileshare ages ago and instantly downloaded it, Bungie must've used it for their weekly update
  7. Colinross

    Sal's Halo Legion // Halo 4!

    Jsut got around to sticking a video of me and a friend on youtube. Possibly one of the most epic moments when playing Halo 3, shame it doesn't record voice chat, cause we went mental Enjoy
  8. Colinross

    Sal's Halo Legion // Halo 4!

    Hmmm, you might be getting capped... Just phone up BT and ask for it to be uncapped It's illegal for them to cap it (unless you're getting more than 8 mbps, then they can since that's what you're paying for), but it's actually also illegal for you to "hack" the settings to see if it's capped... Best way is just to threaten legal action...
  9. Colinross

    Sal's Halo Legion // Halo 4!

    You think Microsoft would let that IP go? You're crazy. Besides MS has already assembled an in house Halo team. Jump's right, this isn't the end of Halo... You'd have an arguement if you said that it was the last Spartan game... But that's pushing it as well ;)
  10. Colinross

    Sal's Halo Legion // Halo 4!

    For the rocks you're just going to have to be creative, the spawns however is a simple fix. Hit start and change the gametype to CTF. Go into monitor mode and go to the respawn page. Use the respawn area tool to make the respawn rooms the only spawn areas.\ Halo Reach logo leads me to believe that it's class based. http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/kota...7/haloreach.jpg Could be squad based though... Still I think I'd prefer class based
  11. 9/10 Remember you from a long time ago
  12. Colinross

    Sal's Halo Legion // Halo 4!

    Lol, I don't think I can play with you then because by my first day of playing I was already a 13. Yelo, you could hit me up, I'm a 29 in SWAT :lol: Aren't you still under curse of the RRoD? Not any more Gotta love the European branch of Microsoft... They say 2-3 weeks... You get it back in 9 days Time to stretch those fingers :)
  13. Colinross

    Sal's Halo Legion // Halo 4!

    Lol, I don't think I can play with you then because by my first day of playing I was already a 13. Yelo, you could hit me up, I'm a 29 in SWAT
  14. Colinross

    Sal's Halo Legion // Halo 4!

    I feel your pain

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