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  1. Kyra10987

    it's been a while

    it's been approximately a billion years since i posted here or played runescape, but i was having a fun trip down memory lane and was surprised that my account here still exists AND that there are names i recognize still actively posting i'm not sure how fond the memories you all have of me when i was like, 11 or 12 and posting on here but my memories are really fond HAHAHA hope everyone is doing ok in quarantine mode (also i'm kinda glad the forums are like, a bit broken because i think if i could look back through my post history i'd die of embarassment)
  2. Kyra10987

    probably going to quit sal's

    I can be insulted by the fact that you assumed that everyone is a troll, an insensitive jerk, or an elitist prick. I was lumping all of these together into one term, which was ignorant, because they fit that definition. well guess what! I have the right to assume things like that. and you're lucky, I'm leaving the forum. this topic is a prime example of the reasons i'm leaving. i guess you're happy now? and thanks for picking and choosing what i wrote. thank you so much. i'm done here.
  3. Kyra10987

    probably going to quit sal's

    just going to throw this out there/.. you can't be insulted about being called ignorant about me when you are actually truly ignorant about me
  4. Kyra10987

    probably going to quit sal's

    I have a bad habit of it. I've determined that instead of letting my mental health deteriorate more than it already has, that I should remove myself from a situation I am able to remove myself from. And I will make another blog for Finland- I will post something about it or message you separately when I make it. I will think about it. But my stay here has been pretty frustrating overall. I want to remove myself from the only negative situation I can, as I can't remove myself from my family situation or my school. Yeah, but even with all of the nice things, the negative things stand out the most to me. It's just the way I am. They eat away at me for years on end. I will. And I have a historical Hetalia cosplay that's coming up that will be quite awesome as well, as well as another one that I just need to wait for the right weather to have a photoshoot for it. The cool part of the community is welcome to talk to me outside of this forum, but I am removing myself from the negative aspect of it, which I cannot escape. Sorry. I never really talked to you that much. Those people I talked/talk extensively to. I could always name a few more. I'm a girl. Technically speaking. I would say something else about how I feel, but it would not be well received. Also, I've long ago decided that if I were to be cool, it would be with people that I care about, like my friends or friend group (which is currently the Hetalia Chicago Chat Group on facebook.) I'm not expecting the community as a whole to fully support me. I'm part of enough communities online to know that not everyone will like me. I do expect that people know what an appropriate time to troll would be, and when not to do it, or when it is absolutely not appropriate to attack me with a "oh teenage angst" statement when my life is actually not as great as it sounds to be. bye! I actually do feel like talking to you outside Sal's, so if you feel up to it, please drop a line :) everyone else whom I didn't reply to: I do not feel like your post deserves an individual response. Or I didn't know how to respond.
  5. Kyra10987

    probably going to quit sal's

    i never said it was hateful for not liking what i like. i said i'm leaving for another community with similar interests. i said that i don't enjoy getting made fun of and my problems getting trivialized and such. i get bullied enough at school- i don't need it online either.
  6. i'm going to a community with more similar interests. and to a place where i won't get made fun of for asking serious questions (cough, my "fashion help" topic) or saying that my real life problems of being bullied at school is "teenage angst" or whatever you call it. also i'm sick of the elitist community here, where it is plagued by trolls and people who do not think that other people's problems are actually serious. (just going to let you know, having a difficult family life plus problems with bullying at school is an actual serious problem...!!!!!) and a majority of you are willing to pass judgement on me without knowing hardly anything about me. which i do not enjoy. i also do not enjoy getting made fun of because i have different hobbies than most of you. people i can thank: mr. e guitarguy eval riz fangy dimosthimise whiskas mfi merch gwyar fishing icon if you want to keep in contact with me (although not many of you will probably want to) private message me and if i respond it's because i think that you can contact me. if you want to follow my art/cosplay updates just follow my tumblr at woxihuanchirenrou.tumblr.com
  7. Kyra10987


    Thank you!!! There's quite a few forests up there that no one lives in.... I am in love with both, but moreso Sweden! Sweden was my first choice and Finland my second, but I had already figured there was v. little chance of me going, as last year no one went to Sweden... Thank you!! I'M SAD TOO WHERE'D HE GO
  8. Kyra10987


    KIITOS :D I'm really really really excited!! I'm going on an exchange program with Rotary International :) YES I AM!!!!!
  9. Kyra10987


  10. Kyra10987

    General Anime / Manga Discussion Thread

    I know almost none of you actually care, but Hetalia Season 5 is getting released on mobile the 25th... it has new animation and everything! Soooo excited!!!
  11. Kyra10987

    General Anime / Manga Discussion Thread

    That does sound fun :P I would go to one if my area were a little more interesting >.< You could go to AnimeNEXT or whatever's in New York!!!
  12. Kyra10987

    General Anime / Manga Discussion Thread

    Thank you!!! I'm super excited! It's a really small convention (>300 people probably) and it's free, but this is my firs time selling so I"m really excited!!! How does selling things work? Do you have a bunch of premade artwork and stuff and people buy that? Also congrats! You can either make a bunch of things ahead of time and sell them or you can do commissions while you're there... I'm doing both! $2 sketch commissions and a bunch of prints/buttons that I'm selling too :D Thank you!! (also you should go to a con, they're amazingly fun!)
  13. Kyra10987

    General Anime / Manga Discussion Thread

    Thank you!!! I'm super excited! It's a really small convention (>300 people probably) and it's free, but this is my firs time selling so I"m really excited!!!

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