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  1. Jeff

    Ironman Smudge

    Smudging is flat, BG needs more to it, colors could be better, and text needs to go/be fixed.
  2. Jeff

    Rate My Siggy

    Very nice, crop out the bottom, because it may offend some people, but also it throws off the balance of it. That white scribble thingy in the BG on the left should probably be deleted. Maybe the black tree-ish stuff on the far left too. It'll help with the balance. I like the stock usage and blending here, could I have the stock of the girl?
  3. Jeff

    Vista Sig Update

    Can we not just use the Vista BG. Anyways, if you're gonna stick with using that Vista thingy, get rid of the border or make it 1 pixel black, and make the text small and white slightly offset to the upper right.
  4. Jeff

    I'm Back!

    No, they're self-made effects. To be put simply, most brushes are for inexperienced GFX designers.
  5. Jeff

    How "spoiled" Are You?

    http://www.blogthings.com/areyouspoiledquiz/ Here people out of college can try this.
  6. Jeff

    I'm Back!

    Whoa you go to PR? Awesome lol.
  7. Jeff

    How "spoiled" Are You?

    Er... I've got my dad's old crappy laptop. Probably worth $150? I've got a bed lawl. I get bread and cheese too <- rofl JK I don't get any allowance, and as for clothing, I pretty much get $10-30 clothes and have like 5 of each... thing? Pants, shorts, T-shirts that is. And my parents pay for piano lessons which are $41 each week and travel basketball which is like $300 for the season. Oh yeah I've got a $300 iPod last Christmas and a $400 drum set last birthday. MY gifts are getting better as I get older lawl.
  8. 3/10, decent colors and not very good quality images and needs better effects.
  9. Jeff

    I'm Back!

    I used to post here a long time ago. Here's some recent stuff, feel free to comment.
  10. //- 6/10. Even though you're a Distinguished Member, I don't have much of a clue who you are, but I barely recognize you, even if I do. 6/10 for being a distinguished member, 2/10 for me not having a clue who you are. Jeff :s
  11. Jeff

    Last One To Post Wins

    //- So how's this gonna end? Jeff :s
  12. Jeff

    Antigo By Samster

    //- Good story. It's a bit slow-moving at times though. It's random too, with the Leeroy Jenkins stuff. Maybe cut down on that. Jeff
  13. Jeff

    The Experiment

    //- The non-flashback part was...so...messed up. Seeing how willing people were willing to send electricity through other people? Those scientists have sick minds...sort of like your imagination :P I liked the flashback though. Jeff
  14. Jeff

    Hide And Seek

    //- Short and sweet. You really achieved the thriller style you were trying. Jeff
  15. 6/10. I don't rememer your name, but the avatar is familiar

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