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    im a free agent! all offers welcome
  1. cap root


    I speak Hebrew as a native language, i also speak fluent English since i lived in the states for a few years I learned Arabic for three years so I guess i can say that I have no knowledge in that language whatsoever except the very basic things we learned in the first 5 lessons 3 years ago
  2. i wanted to look through the player's galleries on the runescape website to find a picture there to show a friend. When i got to the page on the site i saw only 3 galleries there which i found it weird. After this i went through the runescape updates topics here on the website and all the links led to nonexistant pages I found this interesting, what do you say?
  3. cap root

    Live Artists

    I have seen just 3 performances, 2 of them of the same artist Paul McCartney Idan Raichel (an israel artist) I have seen live more artists on some rallies (i guess you can call it that..) but they all sang just a song or two so I don't really count it
  4. cap root

    The Most Overrated Bands.

    I've got to +1 that, these were the exact two bands i was thinking of, especially Coldplay. I mean they have ~3~ albums that are exactly the same in every matter, though the latest one (Viva la Vida and its EP) were pretty good an refreshing
  5. cap root

    $1,000,000 Thrown Away In Trash

    This is not an urban legend, the woman may be lying and be and have an attention disorder but this was all over the news yesterday in Israel so surly it is a new thing
  6. cap root

    Eurovision Song Contest

    Israel feels european ;) The Eurovision is so seventies... im surprised someone actually watches it these days... i saw the show for picking israel's representing song and it was so boring might see two mins of the actual eurovision but there is close to nothing to see there
  7. cap root

    Been Here 3 Years

    Only three years? I would have guessed much longer... seems like you have always been here
  8. What is the best way to get all my specs?
  9. cap root

    Memorial Day

    It may be only me but what you guys are saying is pretty disturbing. This is not something about you guys personally but about society as a whole... it's very sad that in today's world there is no respect for the history of the contray, for the people who gave their lives so we could live today in this way. you might not like the current head of the country, or disagree with with the current war that is going on but you still live and are a part of your country and I am sure would never leave it. The fact that remembrance day turned to be a day of BBQ and just a fun long weekend is very sad, almost as the day itself should be
  10. I think that my power supply has been failing for some time now, it is making a big fan noise when i turn the computer on and lately after a few hours that it is on the noise starts again. Now i have been told that the only thing to do about it is to get a new power supply. Any chance you guys help me find a right one and give me some idea of prices (I don't live in the US but I will try to find what you tell me here) Another thing that happened today is that the computer suddenly turned off, or at least the screen turned off. When the system started all of the DOS text characters were all mixed up and the screen is littered with exclamation marks!!! After the windows Logo the screen connection shut off again. When i started it in safe mode it worked, I had an outdated antivirus (though only by two weeks) that i mean to replace and I thought that might have been the problem so I installed Avast and scanned the computer and when I came back later the computer BSODed. I restarted the computer once again and it worked kind of ok until it got stuck and the second time i restarted it it worked a bit more than did again the thing with the screen and didn't work after that. I wanted to check if maybe the graphics card wasn't connected properl and when I touched it it was very very hot. Details about the computer will come soon Thanks in advance My Graphics card is (according to the sticker on it): GeFORCE 7300GS (PCI-E) 256MB My Power source is: G Pro P-4 500W ATX 12V (DR-B500E) And my cooling (it's a fan) is (again i think this is right, this is what it says of the actual thing) Spire CPU cooler
  11. cap root

    Did We Invent Math Or Discover It?

    I think that there is a big difference between counting and amounts of things and math as a whole Things have always had amounts but humans have invented a way of expressing it. Humans have invented numbers, at the beginning they used numbers to express amounts but as time progressed the developed this language and it became a whole language and expressed more things So yes, we did invent math not discover it
  12. cap root

    Memorial Day

    How is memorial day commemorated in your country? Does you country even have a national day dedicated to the memory of fallen soldiers? What do you personally do on it? In Israel there are basically two memorial days - one is for the fallen soldiers (and the relatively recent addition of victims of terror attacks) and the other is for the people murdered in the Holocaust. Both of the days can be felt nationwide, especially the memorial day for the fallen soldiers. Everyone is solemn and sad, there are ceremonies in all the schools and cities and towns and everywhere. On television and radio only related material and so on. The most important and biggest part of both of these memorial days is the Moment of silence. On 10am on the Holocaust memorial day and both on 8pm of the precious day and 10am of the Memorial day for the soldiers there is a siren in all of Israel and people stop whatever they are doing and stand for a minute or two and remember Just so you can see what I mean: just noting these are very major streets you can see it clearly in the last video. and literally everyone stop (by the way the first video is right by my school..) Another interesting thing is that the day after the memorial day for the soldiers (there is a week's difference between the two, this one being the later one) is Independence day. so literally in minutes the whole country switches between sadness and great happiness and there is a lot of celebration, fireworks and etc So what is done in your country?
  13. cap root

    Whats The Easiest Language To Learn?

    he shouldn't go for hebrew in terms of ease to learn... way too complicated and unrelated to english I speak both i should know But Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German should be the easiest languages for you.
  14. cap root


    I love matzaball soup too (or how you say it in Yiddish and Hebrew Kneidalah). The not-eating-bread-for-seven-days part is a little annoying but you get used to it... It kind of sucks that Matzas have about the same taste of cardboard but you live... The Seder is really fun with a;; the family and songs and GREAT food! i hope the Afikoman will be hidden well this year... The best part of Pesach here is neither of what I actually said so far but the two and a half week vacation also it pretty much marks the end of the year So happy Passover everyone! have a great time! and don't choke on Matza!
  15. cap root

    House Egging Discussion

    Not out here. The TP gets stuck in the pointy branches of palo verdes and cacti. You have to pick out little pieces like a centimeter by a centimeter, over and over. (Not that I have experience. No one fudges with me, 'cause I'm a nerd, no one knows where I live, and I have no enemies [except for a few idiots, but they're too stupid to realize I hate them]). you live in arizona right? I've neved egged a house didn't even think to it is honestly, doesn't sound like much fun... well maybe for a little bit but it probably lasts only for a few seconds

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