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  1. Well i don't know that much about Linux but can it play window's games? for example World of War craft or any of the steam games?
  2. -Jamie-

    Why Do You Believe In God?

    Well Arkwright a year ago i went through the same thing as your doing now. The reasons i started questioning everything were all the things you said above and the fact that religion makes you live in fear of death or fear of his "second coming" in order to come to church and follow God. I hate it, it was just so stupid. Although...when I look upon some the things I've seen in religion and in my own church i realized that although this religion thing wasn't working out for me and i hated...it has for many other people. The church and religion give people a sense of unity with their community, families, sometimes their own lives. Not everyone's life was as stable as mine other people felt like they had no control over their life as it was spiraling out of control so they turned to religion to seek guidance for help for hope. So although Its done bad, although I don't like to follow I believe something like "God" is necessary. I think the real problem with God is that people take it way to seriously and let what they think god is telling them to do cloud their judgment on everything. Ex people wanting the bible read in schools and being taught creationism, Proposition 8 and so on.
  3. -Jamie-

    Comic Characters

    Yup this is a sketch of some comic characters I made up. I plan on making some and showing then on DA and sals ^_^. I want some honest opinions on the drawings what do you think? If you think its sucks or is awesome tell me why
  4. Okay well long story short i need to install XP on my Vista Laptop: Gateway MT3422 1GB of ram I'm mostly doing this because vista eats up to much ram and really hinders my gaming. Plus to make it faster. Also if i ever wanted to go back to Vista for any reason i always have the recovery disk. I researched for awhile and i found this: http://www.deorc.net/content/computers/mt3422.php which is a website that displays drivers i need for MT3422 when i get xp on it. Now i popped in the XP disk and booted when i started up the computer and started setup. Then it was asking me all about partitions and if i wanted to delete etc etc. Now i don't think i want vista for now but i didn't just wanna go off deleting stuff without fulling knowing what i was doing...so i looked googled how to downgrade to xp and i found a lot of guides telling me to do all different kinds of things but none really telling what to do when it asks you to delete/overwrite partitions. Does anyone know about installing XP do i just delete the partitions and install?
  5. -Jamie-

    Runescape In Guinness World Records!

    Yes nice job runescape! although Draf you are forgetting wow is the most popular mmorpg period.
  6. http://tech.yahoo.com/blogs/null/90339 Basically it says the internet could crash because as a whole the internet uses to much bandwidth thanks to the DSL and cable modem service and video websites. That in two years it would actually run out of space and stop. So they are going to invest $19billion to slow this down but there are also many things that are being made to charge you money to do something or go somewhere online to reduce the number of people online doing things.(for example if i wanted to go to you tube, I'd have to pay a price so my internet could access the website) These methods are said used to stop the internet to crash. Although much of the world wants Net neutrality where you can't price premium pricing for certain Internet applications and destinations. What are your opinions on this? Do you think this is all true or is it just "another effort in the making by greedy corporations... to bleed the consumer of even more outrageous sums of money."
  7. -Jamie-

    Proof That Christianity Is A Fake Religion

    Not true at all. In my case I became atheist BECAUSE I fully understand it looked at it and didn't fully like what i see. Atheist aren't born atheist(they can be born into a atheist family) actually most(the ones i know anyway) grow up in a Christian up bringing like I was then turned to atheistism. Also usually atheist actually has more "knowledge" of the subject than Christians. Basically because usually a Atheist really look into what Christianity is before they back off of it. Using Logical reasoning, science, common sense and applied knowedge to come to the conclusion that they no longer believe. Also, if we want to use your reasoning you should try to look into becoming an atheist so you CAN fully understand it. Then also remember that just because you don't believe in god doesn't mean your bad or anything. Everyone still has basic morals. It's just that these basic morals aren't surrounded around christ.
  8. -Jamie-

    Proof That Christianity Is A Fake Religion

    ++ I didn't click the link.......but I'll be honest. I'm atheist but I think trying to prove to everyone that something is fake and putting it down and that they shouldn't believe in something shouldn't really be done. Even though Religion has caused more war than peace, and sometimes people in "power" in religions take advantage of people, it still does give a sense of stability, hope, community, and love to some people. To go against it full on just tampers with everything in society... Let's say you devoted your life to something, then someone was to turn around and tell you basically everything you did was a waste of time, you'd be very mad, lots of people would be mad, and not be good for society at all. Which is why I think religion is a good thing for some people, just not for me.
  9. -Jamie-

    Overclock Laptop Video Card

    Gateway MT322, Battlefield 2 Video card: NVIDIA GeForce Go 6100
  10. Okay well I got a laptop 2007 august and now the games my friends are playing my computer can handle...but my video card is slightly below what it needs to be (video ram needs to be 128 yet mine is 58 or something like that) and that's the only problem. Since i just bought one less than a year ago, my parents aren't going to go for a totally new computer..and laptops you can't just upgrade the video card i found out sadly. Then one of my friends suggested that I "overclock" it. He said that he didn't know how to do it but I could be able to upgrade the speed so I could play the games. It sounds awesome. I wanted to know if it can be done and how could I do this if anyone knows?
  11. -Jamie-

    The End Of Time

    I really don't think anything going to happen. Even if it does, as weird as it sounds XD i REALLY wanna see what happens. I've read a lot of predictions and stuff about what will happen when the world will end. Some just sounds awesome and unreal. So it would be kind of interesting to see. I was told this awhile ago when i was younger and I obsessed over the world ending and stuff and got scared. So to anyone who also feels the same way. Trust me its no use getting worried over. People have ruined their lives worrying about things like that and we are still hear aren't we...So no use getting yourself all worked up over nothing. Also what newguy said ^^ i heard that also. That there is supposed to be a huge change.....which could mean anything...from planet of the apes to the prediction that telekinesis being a reality.
  12. -Jamie-

    The Manhattan Project

    Yes, yes you are :) . (jk) The American president of this time did not want to risk thousands of American lives by sending an invasion into Japan, a time in which every Japanese soldier would fight to the last soldier to protect itself. I'd say more but I'm going to bed :/ . Well yes this is true, but you see the American President at the time dropped one bomb off already. Then before japan could do anymore and or respond we dropped another one. Which i think that it wasn't right..
  13. -Jamie-

    Runescape Prepaid Cards

    I think its awesome, and it the cost of cards seems to the problem. Guildwars(even though its not a monthly fee) When you first get the box it has like a sheet of paper folded and binded together its hard to open sorta. On the inside it displayed a code. They could do that but put it in a box.
  14. -Jamie-

    Wilderness Section

    I suggest renaming it to the Minigames Section so it can handle stakes, bounty hunter, clan wars, castle wars, pest control, etc. Just anything since the wilderness isnt a main focus anymore.
  15. -Jamie-

    Unbalanced Trade Removal

    I hope you know that they've been doing this already and most people who buy gold don't collect it on there mains they make a new account and drop trade the gold to there mains this is why what your saying is ineffective. I think you should be grateful they're doing anything to improve it and people crying about jagex saying there just trying to get more members... Wouldn't that be your goal also if you owned a company like that so put yourself in there shoes before you open your mouth and say something idiotic. Yes go riot and if anythings gonna happen there gonna say screw it they don't want it lets just set it to 3k for everyone. Well that thing about how people drop trade...doesn't make sense because they already took out drop trading

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