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  1. Bridgecraft

    New Site Admin / Future Of The Site

    That is what non-disclosure agreements are for, a database is a database, you query information from it (doesn't really matter the size for a redesign unless one is doing many other backend improvements/complete restructuring).
  2. Bridgecraft

    Mobile Broadband

    Provided you have a data plan, it's called tethering.
  3. Bridgecraft

    Help Choosing A Comp.

    Or this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16834146778 Or even http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16834157335 (which is surprising because I never suggest HP laptops, but it is workstation/business oriented)
  4. Bridgecraft

    Could I Run These Games?

    I am pretty sure he has a laptop, we will need more information until we can start linking products. Oh, true. I just saw family 4 and assumed it was an x4500 since I didn't see mobile on it, though. On it's own I would assume desktop, but coupled with the an Intel celeron, the amount of RAM, and OS. It just screams Dell or HP laptop to me. Who knows though, I could be completely wrong.
  5. Bridgecraft

    New Site Admin / Future Of The Site

    The are a reason tools like subversion and git exist. They allow collaboration on coding with ways to revert and keep all code up to date and bleeding edge.
  6. Bridgecraft

    Could I Run These Games?

    I am pretty sure he has a laptop, we will need more information until we can start linking products.
  7. Bridgecraft

    New Site Admin / Future Of The Site

    You don't have to necessarily be a Site Admin to do those functions.
  8. Bridgecraft

    Help Choosing A Comp.

    I am pretty sure that still does not have the power you are looking for. You listed graphics heavy programs, that is completely lacking.
  9. Bridgecraft

    Could I Run These Games?

    You may have a really difficult time playing games. Your framerates should be pretty low, even on minimum settings, based on the specifications you have posted.
  10. Bridgecraft

    Favorite Album Covers

    I am quite fond of this album cover myself.
  11. Bridgecraft


    I don't have problems booting, it's just that some things can be a bit sluggish at times. I guess that's because of my HD capacity. I need to spring for a 1.5TB. Well that will get rid of programs starting up and slowing you down later. Also the services tab is useful. I have a 250GB 5400RPM HDD and my computer starts up fairly fast and never really feels sluggish. 5400RPM? I thought 7200 was the new standard? Or is your computer old like mine? I do not think it is a standard. I was always told/thought 5400RPM drives were in laptops due to less power consumption, yes you can select a 7200RPM drive with them, over the 7200RPM drives.
  12. Bridgecraft

    Help Choosing A Comp.

    Hmm, kay, but then you know one that is perfect for programs like Photoshop, Cinema 4D, 3DS max etc? The main question here is portability. The iMac on it's own is semi-portable much more so than a full desktop, yes this is a weak point to argue but go with it. You can get/build a high performance desktop to do all those things (for cheaper), all you need is a good amount of memory and hard drive space, that coupled with a good processor and graphics card should be more than enough for your needs. Another option is a workstation laptop, these are known for their high performance and availability from most computer manufacturers and coupled with high performance parts and Nvidia Qudro series graphics cards.
  13. Bridgecraft

    I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane

    It's sad to see you go Gillis, keep in contact. I thought we had something special that would stand the test of time!
  14. Bridgecraft


    It'll remove the cache, temp files, and cookies of a lot of programs, giving you some more space. CCleaner doesn't really speed up your system, though. Yeah it's for clearing out things you don't use for space. I once got 10gb back. CCleaner also has specialized subset of tools that range from registry cleaning to startup manipulation. You can also set CCleaner to securely erase files and even wipe free space and manage old system restore checkpoint. The files CCleaner removes are temporary (unneccessary/junk), keep in mind that if you have sites that auto log you in, you will have to reinput password information depending on what information you tell CCleaner to remove.
  15. Bridgecraft

    Goodbye, Hotel Salifornia

    Right as I get back you have to leave. Well I guess goodbye, although I am definitely on populus now.

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