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  1. Rachie

    December Competition -- Total Xp

    hey, Rsn: Rachie P2p
  2. Rachie

    End Of An Era - Going Out With A Bang

    i want a bigger thank you. cya next week ;>
  3. Rachie


    Probably gonna take a break now.. revision time. Kinda wanted to get 111 before stopping but I don't want to leave revision too late seeing as exams start in just over a month. We shall see.
  4. Rachie


    108 is somewhere can't be bothered to find it L
  5. Rachie

    The Sal's Top 100 Classic Literature List

    Remembered the BBC list when I saw the title of this thread I think the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain should be on this.
  6. Rachie

    Have You Read More Than 6 Of These Books?

    I've read quite a few of these, my form tutor was talking about it the other day too, and she listed all of them and I had read the most in the class (34 of them lol)
  7. Rachie


  8. Rachie


    Grats para
  9. Rachie


    I got 99 farm on tuesday 16th november: And 107 dungeoneering today:
  10. Rachie


    Just got chaotic set back too O
  11. Rachie


    hi, 99 farm on tuesday i believe.
  12. Rachie


    105 dg, 455k to 99 farm etc etc..
  13. Swift is crap anyway. mIRC and Rs client do everything, and better/faster.
  14. Runecrafting is only made 1-2 seconds faster per bank so I don't see why there's so much excitement over that . I don't really like it... stuff like banking and ending up wielding is just annoying ;_;

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