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  1. Naughty

    For some reason..

    Pfff jealous. I got some big tests coming up to, then have to retake some of last tremester.
  2. Naughty

    For some reason..

    Every year again I revisit this website because I get an email for my birthday. How is everyone doing? Been ages, so sad to see how the forums have gone down in activity :(
  3. Naughty

    Sobend's Throwback Throwback log

    Grats mate, do a lot of people still play the classic version of the game?
  4. Naughty

    Jure's Old School

    Looking good mate, you got any goals set for this account? Or just maxing out?
  5. Hello there, and welcome to my log! :D I've been debating for a while now wether I should start out a log of my zerker but decided that I should just do it and see how many people like it. So yeah, here it is. I'll tell a lil bit about me first, I'm 21 years old and been playing RuneScape since 07. I lost interest in the game as soon as it started to look like power rangers. Rs3 just wasn't the game for me, then a long time later I found out that OldSchool Runescape was released, I started playing again but then once again stopped playing. And since my little brother started playing again a couple of month ago I've been addicted once again and I decided to try and make a zerker. I have been enjoying myself a lot lately and am having a great time making this account. Starting Stats I like to think that the account is coming along pretty nicely, just got 94 mage done as well as desert treasure and lunar diplomacy, now just working on getting 75 range so I can use that blowpipe I've just bought! Starting Bank Eventhough my bank isn't that amazingly much, it's good enough for me. I spend most of the money I earn through barrows etc on gear instantly so I can make more money faster. All of the books I got are filled, and zerker ring and slayer helmet are imbued. :)
  6. Naughty


    D00d, add me. Been way too long since we spoke. IG name: PvpPulse
  7. Get started on that account mate! Can't wait to get a fellow Sal's pker around. And don't forget to add me: PvpPulse :)
  8. Naughty

    Bad at sigs? Post your best

    One of the earliest sigs I could find.
  9. Naughty

    Building my little guy

    Oh no you didn't. You started again? I might have to get into this once again.
  10. Naughty

    Tattoo design

    I guess you're right on that, I contacted a friend of mine who designs tattoos to try and come up with a design. Since it's going to be my first tattoo I am very cautious and want to see all the possibilities.
  11. Naughty

    Tattoo design

    I want to get it done on my wrist, and want it to be about 3 cm big. I don't really know what more information I can give. Also the reason I don't design it myself is because I've been having major trouble with giving my creativity a free run. Can't seem to come up with anything for this.
  12. Naughty

    Tattoo design

    Dear gfx section, I am here to post a request. I am going to get my first tattoo done in a couple of months and am now considering designs. I've already decided what I want but not how I want it to look yet. I have chosen for something very simple actually, the delta sign. The greek triangle that is. It represents change which is what I want to display in a simple way. The uppercase sign, since it looks more masculine. Now I've come here to ask you guys if you could help me out by coming up with some designs. It'd be amazing if you could try and make something for me and would be greatly appreciated. If I am allowed to do so, I am willing to pay the person who comes up with the winning design. As a payment for spending time on it. (If this is not allowed a staff member can delete this sentence, my bad in that case.) -Gianni
  13. Naughty

    Ferrari LaFerrari

    I feel like it's missing a bit of a spark to it. It looks kinda blend eventhough it is an exceptional piece. Maybe something to contrast the blur like something on the foreground.
  14. Naughty

    200k GP / 17XP - [PER HOUR]

    You have a really nice and clear voice. Doubt you'll read this though. Didn't know of this method either.
  15. Naughty

    Beta website

    I love your work. It's clean, and very user friendly. I wish I could say more but I've been staring at it for 5 minutes now and nothing comes to my mind. Great job, love it.

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