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    I like nice doggy!es.

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  1. Can you do one for me do like "Still here"- Sk8skull really cheesy font likecomic sans bold
  2. Thank god this makes sense why you were messagiung me lol
  3. Can i bump this lol, this looks awesome fatalysm
  4. Graduating from undergrad in May with a B.S in Economics and minor in Geog, looking for a full time job right now.
  5. Recently since I've been playing rs this past month i'll come on forums but I just lurk as a guest. Haven't been logging on but i check up on you lads
  6. Hey, Over bonus exp weekend I did some training. I ended up getting a total of 21 levels and around 23M experience. It was way more than expected! I got 99 Hunter, Construction, Agility, and Smithing. Also got 25M hitpoints exp, and 355M total exp. Some other things: 98 farming (500k till 99!!!), Agility top & bottom!!!, and 94-96 crafting Screenshots:
  7. I dont know yet hope fully i can get some 99's. No sals skill comp this year?????????????
  8. Damn remember when sobend was a blue ranger, now he's a green ranger again Bring back Blue Sobend :/ jk welcome back
  9. Wow jj holy crap i haven't logged in a while but gratz on all the 07 achievements :D
  10. I think i'm gonna be watching all the old ones just to get hype, and then go see the new one sometime this week. I heard you don't need any knowledge really to follow along so hopefully it's just a cool action movie.
  11. Hahah that's mad good luck mate
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