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  1. Sk8skull

    Sal's Shoddy Guestbook

    Can you do one for me do like "Still here"- Sk8skull really cheesy font likecomic sans bold
  2. Thank god this makes sense why you were messagiung me lol
  3. Sk8skull

    Sal's Realm Design

    Can i bump this lol, this looks awesome fatalysm
  4. Sk8skull


    Graduating from undergrad in May with a B.S in Economics and minor in Geog, looking for a full time job right now. I currently work an internship for a medicinal extracts company doing analyst/consulting work.
  5. Sk8skull

    Active Sals Members

    Recently since I've been playing rs this past month i'll come on forums but I just lurk as a guest. Haven't been logging on but i check up on you lads
  6. Sk8skull

    A couple 99's

    Hey, Over bonus exp weekend I did some training. I ended up getting a total of 21 levels and around 23M experience. It was way more than expected! I got 99 Hunter, Construction, Agility, and Smithing. Also got 25M hitpoints exp, and 355M total exp. Some other things: 98 farming (500k till 99!!!), Agility top & bottom!!!, and 94-96 crafting Screenshots:
  7. I dont know yet hope fully i can get some 99's. No sals skill comp this year?????????????
  8. Sk8skull

    Sobend's Throwback Throwback log

    Damn remember when sobend was a blue ranger, now he's a green ranger again Bring back Blue Sobend :/ jk welcome back
  9. Sk8skull

    happy every xmas everyone

    happy xmas n3wb
  10. Sk8skull

    Jj Dynomite - 2277 & Beyond

    Wow jj holy crap i haven't logged in a while but gratz on all the 07 achievements :D
  11. It's a conspiracy because he was going to help free shmurda :/ This guy has had an eventful year
  12. Sk8skull

    Star Wars Episode VII

    I think i'm gonna be watching all the old ones just to get hype, and then go see the new one sometime this week. I heard you don't need any knowledge really to follow along so hopefully it's just a cool action movie.
  13. Sk8skull

    omg its been ten years

    Happy 10th bday
  14. Sk8skull

    Thanks Har-Aken :)

    Hahah that's mad good luck mate
  15. Sk8skull

    Army of One - Completionist Cape, Vorago slaying

    Damn i have class @ 9am pre gratz
  16. Sk8skull

    It's over 900000000

    Great job leaf!!! :)
  17. Sk8skull

    March Madness

  18. Sk8skull

    Coffee or Tea?

    Not a huge coffee fan because it makes me shizzle my pants I'm a pretty big chai person, probably because i grew up drinking it
  19. Sk8skull

    If you were to redo part of your life...

    i'd have taken highschool seriously declared a different major instead of transferring second year not played rs (lol)
  20. Red sallies is fast exp you'll get there soon
  21. Sk8skull

    120 Cooking

    Great job dei wei
  22. Sk8skull

    And now 99

    gratz beno
  23. Wow fudge that i'd quit
  24. Sk8skull

    Muted lmao

    So pretty much I'm walking around the GE And i see some player named "mad harrison" or w/e and i say "harrison hey what's up" and normally I do this just to bait high level players (normally max capers with 1b+ items on them) into a convo with whom they think is someone between age of 14-16 Then i really put the icing on the cake by asking them if they want to be my rs bf/gf (i have a boi character) So that's when they really get stirred up and it turns into a even better convo Well i started talking to this player wearing blue phat, 3a everything, and divine shield and threw a couple one liners out there real fire pick up lines like super wet And then he replies with "?" and i see the person is a fkn pmod with the symbol So then i'm like "alright i didn't know you were a pmod i'm just looking for some rs romance" And i even said "Srry have a noice day" I told the clan chat what was going on the whole time too lool And literally 15mins later i get muted lmao Good game jagex EDIT: I have no message in my message centre for the mute and why i got it, and it also doesn't have any info on the offence it won't let me check the offence and it says on the mute meter that i still have no warning and i'm fine to talk but above that it says muted for less then 24hours? WHy can't i see what muted me

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