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  1. Your welcome. btw, if you choose to keep your business up, I'd like to wish you the best of luck. P.S. It's Captain Chris/Sharkie.
  2. Are people that lazy, that they need to copy an entire company. Words, format, little example "all written text and format is sole property of cap write industries and should not be copied or reproduced in anyway" Let's go check Don~Tex, which has been out over a year and not a month. "all written text and format is sole property of don tex industries and should not be copied or reproduced in anyway" Really people? King, you could go to the owners of the company or the mods/admins on that forum. ~The Person you might remember
  3. Hey Don, Its been a great run, but I think it's time to official retire this company. Some reasons, 1. G.E has really taken away about all use of this place. 2.Workers, Activity, Orders. Never were taken track of well. 3. This company (both Co. and Inc.) has had a total of 103 pages, 2,039 posts, and 47,801 views. I think that is a great if not an amazing run. *at time of post* 4. I think you'd rather go on with your life and not worry about this place anymore. So if you can talk with King before making your final decision that would be great, but I doubt either of you have the time to keep this place up. So you'd need to find someone active and responsible to take over, but with the G.E out there not sure if it'd get any business. Thanks for reading, Rioru/Sharkie/Captain Chris
  4. There seems to be a trend with Pokemon games and new systems. Ruby/Sapphire = GB/GBA, Gamecube, two Pokemon games on Gamecube and a remake of Kanto. Diamond/Pearl = Ds/Ds Lite, Wii, two Pokemon games on wii and remake of Johto. Black/White = Dsi/Ds 3D?, Black wii?, games? and remake of Hoenn? http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Version Anyone have an idea of the name of the 3rd, gen 5 game (Yellow,Crystal, Emerald,Platinum)?
  5. Got Heartgold, but my pokemon are terribly underleveled.
  6. I would, but I hardly know anything about pokemon muti-player.If I learn how to battle the battle frontier on wifi here's my team. Crobat (Lead) - Item : Sash, Nature : Naive , Moves : Hypnosis, Cross Poison, Aerial Ace, U-turn. Garchomp (Sweeper) - Item : Life Orb, Nature : Naughty , Moves : Substitute, Swords Dance, Earthquake, Dragon Claw. Other four a part of my team : Gengar (Lead) : Item : Sash (take it off Crobat and put on a shell bell on Crobat), Nature : Naive, Moves : Thunderbolt, Sludge Bomb, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast. Gyarados (Sweeper) : Item : Leftovers, Nature : Sassy, Moves : Stone Edge, Waterfall, Dragon Dance, Ice Fang. Heracross (Sweeper) : Item : Flame Orb (has guts), Nature : Hasty, Moves : Night Slash, Stone Edge, Megahorn, Close Combat. Heatran (Sweeper) : Item : Expert Belt, Nature : Lonely, Moves : Sunny Day, Fire Blast, Earth Power, SolarBeam. Got one status move and no walls :), should be good enough to beat my school friends though.
  7. I used to breed a lot, Gible was the one I bred the most (traded them). I should have a few left, have one with jolly nature I believe. Btw, go with Dusknoir.
  8. Looks like I'll be getting Black, unless White has better exclusives besides the legendary.
  9. Umm, no. Ranger had nothing to do with pokemon at all. You just ran around with a styler or whatever and help pokemon. (I have no idea where this is going :).) Anyway PMD > over Ranger, for me, but main is still best. My poll junk : Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Sinnoh, Piplup, It's too early to tell. Sinnoh nub! :) I did play Emerald first and loved that game (first and only game I got a level 100, was my Blaziken.) However Sinnoh just was a lot more fun and had a lot more replay value. (Didn't buy Platinum as I got both D/P.) Than HG and SS were let downs to me. Did like the pokemon following you and play Johto again, but the pokemon were so weak (mainly mine) I'm used to not having to spend hours training, at least not on wild pokemon. No, Vs. Seeker!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. After the generally bland, 8-bit, samey GB games, R/S with its orchestral soundtrack, trippy colours and detailed Pokemon seemed great. I think the plot was one of the best too. Yeah I absolutely love those games for all the reasons you just said. But the Hoenn region itself sucks. Hoenn had way to much water in it. Both the 7th and 8th gym leaders needed surf to get to. Then you needed to catch the legendary after surfing and diving for awhile. Other than that I'd argee with Poke. It should come out before Black and White, it's probably why Gamefreak is making the sprites animated (moving or what not.) As for Pokemon Colosseum and XD, I'd love for those to come to the DS.
  11. That's the same for me with Zapdos (Fire Red) and Giratina (Diamond). Almost threw my DS at a wall, because of these two.
  12. It's a different maker, not sure if treyarch would steal Infinity Wards characters.
  13. Earthquake doesn't get STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) and you don't really need it after it sets up spikes. (Unless they have a spinner or you need to keep it for spinning.) Rayquaza : Earthquake over Stone Edge. You already have overheat for ice types, so you might as well get something for your rock type weakness. Btw, both of those natures will take away from Sp.Attack, so you could go with both EQ and Stone Edge and get rid of overheat ( you get the weakness of a Physical Wall tho).
  14. Have you tried Cockroach Warriors(Edgeville) or Hobgoblins (Fally)?
  15. Note : Don't take all my advice, I'm not much of a battler. Kyogre : Most I see are scarfed and use water sprout, it's gonna catch a lot off guard. Kingdra : I'd go with yawn, mainly because you don't have any status moves on your team (not counting toxic spikes), but Draco Meteor could be used on Physical Defense tanks. Forretress : Toxic spikes, Explosion, Payback. Wobuffet : I think safeguard is better. Leftovers for item. Scizor :I think pursuit, you already have bullet punch, no need for quick attack too. Rayquaza : ? Dragonite : It's fine.
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