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  1. darrenshan

    Sit Ups?

    k that sounds good, i'll try that
  2. darrenshan

    Type Without Fingers

    hghjhyhjgttjuhyu random headbanging on keyboard
  3. darrenshan

    Yep Another One

    The first day of school monday. i'll edit with complete details then cause you REALLY want to know right?
  4. darrenshan

    What Shoes Do You Wear

    DC or Vans.. skate shoes.. o yeah. these are the shoes i wear the most: http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/landingpag...Skate+Shoes.jsp and for the hell of it, the shoes i mostly wore last year: http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/landingpag...kate+Shoes.jsp#
  5. darrenshan

    New Dagger Models

    i 75% support. i think the daggers are too small for a graphical makeover but on the other hand it would be cool if they did it.
  6. darrenshan

    The Grand Exchange Needs A Re-work!

    there is an agility shordcut from edgville to the grand exchange actually. Agility isn't hard to train, but.... Thats is because he is f2p.... No, he's not f2p at all, look at the one above Firemaking. No look at his profile. well maybe he used to be p2p but is now f2p
  7. darrenshan

    The Road To 99.

    this chart makes me feel discouraged lol im still gonna do it though! 15.2% there!
  8. darrenshan

    Five Random Facts About Yourself

    1. i cant stop eating ice for the life of me. cupfuls.. 2. i love skateboarding 3. i hate pb and j's 4. im amazing with doing graphic like things on computers (gimp, java games, etc) 5. im a girl
  9. darrenshan

    Favorite Movie?

    ive seen that movie..i guess it was okay. my favorites would have to be the men in black movies. they're hilarious. number 2 would have to be superbad. lol if you've seen the bunny version (the 30 second ones) they replaced whats-his-name (the fat one's) "secret" (cant say or ill get reported ) with carrots. lmfao. if you havent seen the movie, think, what do carrots look like?
  10. darrenshan

    Favorite Metal Song

    Didn't know that was metal. BYOB possibly? Or Chop Suey. haha those are my favs too. also dead memories by slipknot. btw through the fire and the flames isnt metel. its barely hard rock
  11. darrenshan

    Cirque Du Freak Movie Trailer

    based on the 1st 3 books. 3 more movies will follow this one. oviously they renamed it "the vampires assistant" to let people know it would be about vampires. so if you want to read the books look for them under the name "cirque du freak" by darren shan, not "the vampires assistant" (even though thats the name of the 2nd book) so post if you like it, hate it, love it, or might see it. dont make it prevent you from reading the books though cause they are AMAZING!! (if you want prove go to this link -> its a video i made about it. read the "reviews" in the coments below. also the view count says something all in its self) really excited this movie is gonna be awesome!!
  12. darrenshan

    I Got That Burn Burn Pow?

    gratz on 85 firemaking!! (haha i love boom boom pow )
  13. darrenshan

    Just A Little Something I Made.

    this isnt in the right place. this is for screen shots. but still i liked it
  14. darrenshan

    New Tab Picture

    zoomed in then sharpened it with GIMP and it was a lantern! (or looked like it at least!) a day and night option maybe? that would be so cool! that'd be cool too. i really want a new skill that doesnt suck like summoning did. well, they said the update was coming soon, let's cross our fingers for the best!
  15. darrenshan

    Rate My 3 Weeks Old New Main

    3 week main and you magic and construction is higher than my 3 year main. lol. just outta curiosity how much do you play? ima go do some quests now so you dont get ahead. bye!

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