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  1. Teleblock. So the next kid who I beat up cant run away
  2. linix99

    Xp Weekend

    Im going to be doing Agility seeing as it is one of the most boring and harder to train skills. im suprised the majority of your dont do the same
  3. linix99

    Membership: Is It Worth It?

    In my opinion if you dont have members the game is not worth playing, f2p isnt really runescape at all its merely a demo. the real game is all the members features.
  4. linix99

    My X-mas Present From Slayer

    Same thing happened to me at blue drags the other day. i was talking to some friend on AIM tho and wasnt paying attention to the screen and i decided i would use a zammy book instead of anti dragon shield cause i was like " w/e im ranging that cant hit me" almost lost 20m but someone was there and blessed my grave luckily. -.-
  5. linix99

    Put Quest Points On The Highscores.

    i support combat and QP both sound liek a fantastic idea ;)
  6. linix99

    The Top Stupidest Noobs U Have Ever Seen

    ive heard that one sooooo may times. i also got a kick out of selling molten glass 1m lol ;)
  7. linix99

    Is This New?

    Its a good idea to set an email. it can help you recover your account if lost ;)
  8. linix99

    Fletching Profit

    yew longbows only give 10k profit per 1k and thats all i know ;)
  9. linix99

    Embarassing Deaths

    backl when staking was around i got killed for 1m in the duel arena by a lvl 3 who turned melee off and i didnt notice and all i had was a whip she had a bow ;)
  10. linix99

    Runescape Economics

    Rares are starting to go down now if you look at the prices from day to day youll notice ;) thats the reason i sold my santa. usually when something goes up long enough it goes down.
  11. linix99

    The Log Of A Smither That Knows No Irony

    Very nice skill log man =-O i support you all the way =) ive always been intrested in mining and BS myself but could never put my self to do it. but this is kinda inspiring seeing all they money youve made and what youve done.
  12. Durials my hero<3 how could you hate him. Noone can say they wouldent do the same thing.
  13. linix99

    Starting My Goal For 99 Wc!

    althought i got 99 woodcut almost a year ago i still support you. trust me stick to the goal its worth it. add me if ya want ingame "linix99" if ya got ne questions or you wanna chat.
  14. linix99

    What In Sam's Hill?!

    thanks for showing me this ;) i still thought swordies were cheap. and this is a first.
  15. linix99

    Money Making

    I would definatly kill green dragons. pick up the bones and hide and bank at bounty hunter. the bones are 2.2k each and the hides are 1.6k each. you make like 40k per load.

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