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  1. iWild

    Song From The Depths Guide

    Yeah there is a minimum level for the ancient walls, you need 80 Constitution, plus the lifepoints you need to not get killed by the acid
  2. iWild

    Port Phasmatys Hd Pictures

    They're showing up for me too, they're definitely working links :(
  3. iWild

    Metal Thread

    As I Lay Dying. I think my ears jizzed a little when I saw them last year :D
  4. iWild

    Most Inappropriate Music Video Ever!

    My mind has just been scarred forever :D
  5. I've got a HTC Desire HD, it's pretty awesome, and it uses the usual HTC UI. It just got an update to run on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), and it's pretty fast (1GHz Snapdragon Processor). I dunno if it happens on 2.3, but when it was running on 2.2 it randomly deleted my texts sometimes, which got kinda annoying after a while :P It's a pretty decent smartphone though :( ~iWild :D
  6. iWild

    God Wars Dungeon - The Ancient Prison

    Holy fudge, how is this even possible!! xD
  7. Yeah, plus the amount of effort they put into Bounty Hunter and PvP worlds would make bringing back the Old Wildness and Free Trade nearly as stupid as removing it in the first place. Even after the protests they wouldn't bring it back, and they already know the majority of players want it back anyway. I think it's a bit suspicious that they decide to bring it back now is all. ~iWild :D
  8. iWild

    Shattered Heart

    Thanks Merch and Tabt . I'm off now, but i'll update this in the morning and inform Sal ~iWild
  9. iWild

    Is It On Your Ipod?

    Nope Lamb of God
  10. iWild


    Oh right, didn't read that part For moments like these, a facepalm smiley would be useful ~iWild
  11. iWild

    80 - 99 Ranged - Chinning

    Thanks Roddick ~iWild
  12. iWild


    Each SC Hat lasts for around 33,300 xp, so here's how many you'd need (I'll show the calculations so you can do it yourself in future): You have 6,527,323 xp, and level 99 is 13,034,431 xp. This means that you need to gain 6,507,108 xp (level 99 xp - current xp). Now you need to find the amount of SC Hats that covers the amount of xp you need. 6,507,108 (your current xp) / 33,000 (the amount of xp per hat) = 197.185. This needs to be rounded up to the neared integer (whole number), so you would need 198 SC Hats to reach level 99. If you need any more help, just PM me ~iWild
  13. iWild

    97 Fletching

    Grats on 97 Fletching, good luck on 99 I like Fletching too ~iWild
  14. Hi, around how many red chins would it take to get from 80 - 99 Ranged? Thanks ~iWild

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