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  1. Thug Nub

    How Did You Die Last?

    I was playing elder scrolls: daggerfall (nostalgia ftw) and I went into a dungeon to find some treasure. I found a chest with over 50,000 golds worth in items. Happy i followed my route back to the entrance. And after about 20 minutes I relized I was lost. So I found a door I never opened and bam! Spider paralyzed me and owned me while i watched my 50,000 gp vanish infront of my eyes
  2. Thug Nub

    I'm Looking For Good Music!

    The ending is kind of a part of the song where you just lay down at a field and look at the skies. Dont let the name fool you. Its a amazing song. No words whatso ever. But the song was made when John was on his decline with drugs. I dont really know if this is the type of music you are looking for but I just suggest checking them out.
  3. Thug Nub

    99 Dungeoneering

    skiller changed his name to something that suits him "No Lifer Ohi"
  4. Thug Nub

    I Need Some Help Please

    i took a break from xbox not like a normal person. I didnt just put the control down and say "im done" I went and cussed and sent private messages to people i just hated who hardscoped like crazy. and I cussed them out and got banned for 2 weeks. Now i dont even stay on for 2 hours a day.
  5. Thug Nub

    Rate My Name (?)

    7/10 would be 10/10 but i just hate people with "pvp" or "pk" in their names. It got old to me around 2007
  6. Thug Nub

    Best Tv Theme Song

    nothing I MEAN NOTHING can beat THIS forget everything else, this theme should of been a club hit.
  7. Thug Nub

    Have You Had Your First Kiss Yet?

    yes 16 with some random girl at a party, i was drunk and had a vauge memory of it.
  8. Thug Nub

    New Pirate Quest

    Pretty in-depth I like it
  9. Thug Nub

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    i LOVE cod4 sniping i HATE mw2 sniping If the intervention and 50 cal didnt get so many hitmarkers id love mw2. The M200 (intervention) was made to take down tanks. And can shoot over 2 football fields. And to shoot that far you need power right? but when you are right next to someone and you shoot they with a gun like the m200 and they dust off their shirt and walk away, its tends to make me mad. I play cod4 more though, but the thing is is that there is now challenge in cod 4, basically the only people that really play are people who just got the game.
  10. Thug Nub

    When I Was Your Age:

    I just logged in a account that I first made in 02 (Difle, idk what I was thinking) Id just log in and out every now and then. Id just log in and say "huhh" and log off. It seems that I left him in edge where I used to trade and merch. But I went to my bank today for the first time since 02 and wow. Tinderbox, 2 copper ores, 4214gp, 26 steel bars and..........24 black capes? AND A PHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 jk Kind of makes a tear come out of my eye because I have a vauge memory of when I traded 100 steels bars for 5k. I got ripped. But getting at least 20k then was a achievement. Now all you need to do is go through 4 levels of a waste of time and get cash. All those good memories
  11. Thug Nub

    When I Was Your Age:

    when I first started runescape you had to drop the logs then burn them. and the constant clicking to fish, mine and woodcut. thats all I really remember back then
  12. Thug Nub

    If You Could Have 1 Super Power

    Time control (stop time, fast foward, rewind) I'd go back to when Runescape first came out. Buy a couple phat sets, crackers, santas, get like a million disc of returning, pumpkins, h ween mask and easter eggs and half jugs of wine.
  13. Thug Nub

    Runescape Classic Pking

    I want to.
  14. Im wondering how should I pk on RS classic? I know already to have strength. But how should I pk?

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